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Cloth diapers too difficult to report on fairly?

Posted by Bryana on 12/17/2008 to Cloth Diaper News

Every once in a while, in my search for the latest in cloth diaper news, I come across an interview or write-up that smacks of biased journalism.

When Dani Tobey, owner of in Colorado Springs, CO, gave an interview to her local paper, I can imagine she had high hopes for a fair representation of her start-up business.

However, Tobey's interview with journalist, Amanda Brown, is anything but fair; the published article, YOUR SPACE: Mother is 'sitting on a whole lot of diapers' reaks of an undercurrent of sarcasm.

From the start, Brown trips over her own analogy when she writes, "Dani Tobey figures she did a good thing by cashing in her 401(k) last year to invest in something that, well, wouldn't go down the toilet." Brown is speaking of Tobey's investment in a large inventory of modern cloth diapers; the analogy doesn't quite make it - disposable diapers don't flush down the toilet - that waste ends up in our landfills.

Brown's apparent bias against cloth diapers serves as transitions between interview quotes; lazy, underhanded 'pokes' typically reserved for playground bullies, not skilled newspaper journalists.

When Tobey says her new cloth diaper business is "…kind of recession proof, because people have to buy diapers" and that "People turn to cloth diapers to save money." Brown's assessment of this business model is "Yeah, but most parents want to toss, not wash, the output from their little bundles of joy. After all, dirty diapers are…just that."

When Tobey makes mention of her Diaper 101 Classes…Brown reframes strong product support and pro-active customer service by hailing cloth diapers as "complicated".

In spite of the "crud" found in this interview, the truth is that modern cloth diapers ARE DIFFERENT. And though the perspective shift is difficult for mainstream journalists to wrap their minds around, Tobey and other online and brick & mortar retailers of cloth diapers can help any who are interested.