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Cloth diapers are as easy to change as a disposable diaper

Posted by Bryana on 3/4/2007 to Cloth vs. Disposables

There is a myth that has perpetuated itself far too long - the myth that somehow disposable diapers are easier than cloth diapers. The myth has sustained itself from the mouth of our grandmothers and their horror stories of dunking, washing, wringing, and pinning cloth diapers.

Tales of smelly soggy diapers and crackly plastic pants sop-up any thoughts of their hearers from using cloth diapers. The thing is, just as DVDs have replaced VCRs and we don't listen to 8 tracks anymore, cloth diapers have far surpassed your grandmother's (or even mother's) diapers. Cloth diapers have evolved.

Though there are undecided debates about cloth diapers -v- disposable diapers for their health and/or environmental impact, the idea that cloth diapers are difficult to use simply cannot be argued any longer. Cloth diapers are as easy to use and change as a disposable diaper.

Health 24 has a guide for changing a disposable nappy. The EXACT SAME process, minus the part where you toss the disposable in the trash, can be used for today's cloth diapers like Fuzzi Bunz, Bumkins All In Ones, and bumGenius! One Size Diapers. Pull a beautifully made, fresh smelling cloth diaper from your stash, place under baby, wrap around velcro tabs or snaps, secure, voila! ... you're done.

Today's cloth diapers are not "old school diapers" - these diapers have been designed by mothers specifically for their baby's comfort, without ignoring the mother's desire for convenience. Sample cloth diapering packages are available. Test for yourself to see if cloth diapers are as easy to use and change as a disposable diaper.