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Cloth diaper laundry - easy enough for a baby

Posted by Bryana on 3/17/2007 to Getting Started

Video Clip

Most parents that consider cloth diapers for their babies have more questions regarding washing the cloth diapers than anything else. Yes, they are concerned about getting the right sizes and absorbency, but primarily they want to know about upkeep. "You put the cloth diapers WITH POOP ON THEM into the washing machine?" Why yes, yes you do. The same way you put dirty clothes and underclothing into the washing machine.

Hot water + Detergent = clean.
It is an easy equation, but it continues to baffle.

Before I go further, you can click on the image at top-right to watch this precious baby help with the laundry. As all mothers know, it can be exhausting work to keep up with the laundry. If only we could all take a nap when the work is done, right?

Okay, moving on ... we've already written a bit about washing cloth diapers and just how it is done, but this post is going to organize it nice and neat for you. So follow the links below to find your particular choice in cloth diapering and you'll learn specifics required for washing the cloth diapers of your choice.

Various Washing Requirements for Cloth Diapers

Recommendations from Waste Treatment Facilities

Just a note - if you are a disposable diaper user, you may be surprised to find out that both city and county waste treatment facilities recommend removing any solid waste from a disposable diaper BEFORE throwing it away. In other words, put feces in the toilet before throwing the disposable diaper into the trash. WHY? Because disposing of solid waste of this sort requires proper treatment to protect our water supply. The disposable diaper companies know it and place recommendations on their products to rid of solid waste properly.

So, if you're gonna be scraping off poop anyhow, why not just take that extra step and consider cloth diapers; washing them is really not any more difficult than washing your undies.