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Cloth baby wipes over the top?

Posted by CDB Guest on 1/11/2010 to Cloth Diaper How-To

After a few weeks of using cloth diapers, it became clear the washing process would be easier if I purchased and used cloth wipes. I kept forgetting to throw the disposable wipes away - tossing them into the diaper pail along with the cloth diapers instead.

It's hardly enjoyable to pick pieces of disposable baby wipes out of the Velcro tabs on my bumGenius 3.0's…I had better things to do!

Admittedly, before I began using cloth diapers I thought cloth baby wipes were a little over the top, but it became obvious they are an invaluable time saver!

I did a lot of looking around before I bought wipes.

My main priority was cost; while I fully realize some of the best deals cost more up front (hence why I cloth diaper), I checked prices on cloth wipes for the more popular brands, like Kissaluvs, Thirsties, and bumGenius, and was a little taken aback by the cost.

I had read these were well worth the cost, but…"Oh, the cost!" I considered just using baby wash cloths, but even the price of those were unreasonable to me. I turned to my old reliable resource, Ebay. I searched for deals on the main brands before purchasing (2) packs of twelve "non-name-brand" flannel wipes. These have held up fabulously to repeated abuse, remain bright white with very little staining, and are still soft. Best of all, they cost less than $1 each (including shipping)! The store I purchased them from no longer sell cloth baby wipes, but that isn't the point…the point is if you dig around, eBay is a great resource for cloth wipes.

Baby Wipe Solutions

After making a decision on cloth baby wipes, I researched cloth baby wipe solutions. I found several nifty recipes I had every intention of trying, but because I didn’t have all the ingredients on hand for most of them, I started with plain water. When water worked without permanently (so far) injuring my baby, I lost interest in trying any of the solutions. That said, I suspect my lazy "wet the wipe when you use it" method is probably taking more time than using a solution and presoaking the cloth baby wipes. I would love some input on this - otherwise, I'll stick with the same thing I've been doing!

I heart Cloth Baby Wipes

Cloth baby wipes have only served to deepen my love for cloth diapers. Cloth wipes make using cloth diapers even easier - which I did not think was possible; they also save me even more money every month!

Now to figure out how to keep myself from throwing the occasional disposable wipe I bum from a friend into the diaper pail…it still is not a welcome surprise in my laundry load!