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Cloth Wipes, They're easier than you think!

Posted by Cloth Diaper Blog Guest on 6/26/2012 to Cloth Diaper Accessories
I knew from the start of cloth diapering I would use cloth wipes. It just makes sense. Im already washing the diapers, why not the cloth wipes too? It was easy in the beginning when my son was exclusively breastfed. There was no need for a diaper sprayer at all in our house. Diapers and wipes both just went into the diaper pail until wash day. Even now I don't spray all of my wipes. Only if they are really gross with chunks of poop on them will I spray them. Otherwise, straight to the pail they go!

I have two sets of cloth wipes, a wet set and a dry set. I use the wet wipes in my wipes warmer. I have the warmer made for cloth wipes by Prince Lionheart. I just roll up a couple rows and pour wipes solution over them. Ruby Moon wipe bits are my favorite solution. In the warmer, I use Thirsties Fab Wipes. I love how thick and soft they are. The size is great and I only have to use one wipe for each change. The wet wipes are what I like to reach for when I have a poopy diaper to change.

My second set of cloth wipes is a stack of dry wipes that I keep beside a bottle of bumGenius Bottom Spray. I like these for changing just wet diapers. A quick spray on my son and wipe him down. The spray is also great to get his attention when hes trying to wiggle away. He always gets still and smiles and I can buy myself just a few more seconds to complete his diaper change without a struggle.

I also use cloth wipes on the go! I throw a couple wet wipes from the wipes warmer in either a Planetwise wipes pouch or a small wet bag. They stay wet and the wet bag prevents the wetness from wicking onto the contents of my diaper bag. After using them, I just toss them in my other wet bag with my dirty diapers. I prefer the wet wipes on the go over the spray because I feel like its easier. I dont know about you, but I have a hard enough time changing a wiggly baby in a cramped bathroom! The last thing I need is to add one more step to the process. \

Cloth wipes have even made me think about family cloth. If only I could get my husband on board! Have you made the switch to cloth wipes? Are you intimidated by the extra work you think they will create? Give them a try! I promise you wont be disappointed!

Contributor Bio:

Jenny is a cloth diapering, stay at home mama. She writes about her cloth diaper obsession on her blog, Cloth Diaper Revival. She is also a contributor for She Thinks Media Bloggers Network.