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Cloth Training Pants, What are your options?

Posted by Bert on 10/3/2013 to Potty Training
Ah potty training. Whether you're anticipating it with a game plan or wanting for it to just magically happen, it's inevitable. You could go with disposable trainers, however, in my experience, even though the books say it can be done in three days, it really takes a few months. There will be accidents. There will be setbacks. It's the way life is and trust me, it's how potty training goes. So whether you'd like to admit it or not if you're going to use disposable trainers you will be throwing your dollars out the window.

When I potty trained my son I used disposables because I just assumed that it wouldn't take that long for him to get it. And he did understand needing to pee on the potty, that other bodily function, however, took months to understand. The disposable training pants are sold in these tiny packages and then on top of the tiny packaging they were so expensive! After one month, my husband (the number cruncher of the family) put the kabash on that. That's when we started to look into cloth training pants.

Cloth Training Pants

The cloth potty training market has really exploded. There are so many different brands and like with anything there are pros and cons to each brand. My experience was with Eco Posh and Super Undies. I really liked both brands.

eco posh,trainers,training pants I liked Eco Posh because they're made from organic cotton and bamboo and (get this) plastic water bottles! I found that they did a good job and once my son was reliable during the day we used them at night. If he had a major nighttime accident his trainer would not hold an entire bladder's worth but that's not what the Eco Posh trainer is designed to do. I still liked the job they did though and the mess was better contained than if he was wearing underwear.

super undies,training pants Super Undies are my favorites out of the two different brands that I've used. I love that they look like underwear and that you can add inserts to them to adjust absorbency. I don't have experience with their Bedwetting pants so I can't speak to the performance but I liked their Snap-On Trainers. I'd like to think that the bedwetting pants would be a great product as well, plus, if your older child has a bedwetting problem that's keeping them from going to sleepovers with friends at least these look like underwear.

Have you used cloth trainers? What brands was your favorite?



Lisa K
Date: 10/3/2013
Do you have any advice on how many pairs to purchase?
Lily Ivey
Date: 10/3/2013
Eco Posh look so soft! I love the colors. It would be nicer if they were a bit less expensive.
mandy s
Date: 10/4/2013
Great article.
Leigh Ann H.
Date: 10/4/2013
In general, would you suggest the "AIO" trainers or would you go with an AI2 like the flip ?
Bridget Briscione
Date: 10/4/2013
I'd love to hear about more options. We're just starting potty training, but our son will move to his next classroom in daycare next month and they don't do any diapers- only pull ups! but the teacher knows we use cloth and already asked if they make side snapping trainers, because we can use those if so :) tried the Kissaluvs but the fit is not great and have a Grovia on the way- if anyone has other suggestions for side snapping trainers, I am all ears!
Date: 10/4/2013
I would be interested to know more about the Flip trainers too.
Rachel N
Date: 10/4/2013
I didn't really use much for training pants at all. I found that my kids potty trained much better without them. I also found they were hard for my kids to pull up and down on their own. I did use Blueberry trainers at nap time for a while though.
Sarah W
Date: 10/9/2013
My two year old has had success with Best Bottoms trainers. She can get them up and down.
Mary S
Date: 10/9/2013
Eco Posh look like they'd be the closest thing to real underwear so it'd be easier to transfer to that when he's done potty training. I'm actually looking forward to potty training my son! lol
Susana Whiteside
Date: 10/10/2013
These I will HAVE to try. With my son, who is now 4, I too started out with disposables...which did not work, at all. We ended doing our own type of cloth training and it still took a long time but was much, much, easier for him to understand what he needed to do. With my daughter, who isn't really close to training, she is 16 months, but is showing some slight interest in it, I plan on using something like this. Now that I see the good reviews, I will be trying these out :) Thanks!!
Allison E
Date: 10/24/2013
I'd love to try the ecoposh when my baby potty trains
Becki Witherow
Date: 10/27/2013
I'm a big fan of the side snapping trainers too. My guy's favorites are the kissaluvs. Although they aren't the best fit, he likes the prints.
Raina Hood
Date: 11/19/2013
I look forward to using cloth training pants with this LO as opposed to ODS, who we only used disposables and underwear on.
Date: 3/29/2014
We are just starting to potty train our 2 year old, and I found those disposable ones to be so pricey! Thanks for showing me some cloth options. Definitely the way to go. I think we'll give Super Undies a try.
Cassanda deNevers
Date: 5/18/2014
Think I may have to try the super undies bed wetting pants. my @ year old is day time trained but still needs something for overnight and I hate having her in disposables.
Kaitie D
Date: 5/30/2014
I bought and briefly used the Flip trainers. They are a great product but we found that if our daughter had ANYTHING on her bum, she would go in it. No matter if it was pants, panties, or a diaper. We had to go the naked booty route and she never needed the transitional trainers now that she will go on public toilets. Some kids would be great to use these on. Mine, however, kinda skipped that stage of PTing.
Erin B.
Date: 8/30/2014
About to start potty training my two year old daughter and will have to look into these options. As others have noted, I am not sure that trainers would be beneficial, kind of seems like they might as well have a diaper. Guess we will see how it goes!
shelby sheene
Date: 10/24/2014
Thanks for this! I'm still a bit away but I like to research!

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