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Cloth Diapers Make a Comeback Thanks to the Internet

Posted by Bryana on 9/11/2007 to Cloth Diaper News

Faye Butler is not the only momma that has said something like this:
"My impression of cloth diapers was always a faint memory of plain white flat cotton cloths and hot vinyl Gerber pants,"

In the last several years, we have heard those words over and over from mothers, fathers, and guardians who have stumbled upon our online cloth diaper store.

The internet has made it so much easier to spread the word about today's cloth diapers. Those that could only remember their grandmother's flats and dumping and wringing in toilets have been in awe to stumble across the variety of cloth diapers and cloth diaper covers available in ours and other stores online.

In her article in the Savannah Morning News, Anne Hart of Southern Mamas said, "Butler's hooked on what she calls state-of-the-art cloth diapers, which no longer involve pins, cumbersome fits nor lots of toilet dunking."

State of the art cloth diapers? I like that description. It perfectly fits so many of the diaper styles that have been thought up by moms just like Butler. Moms who need a solution to diaper rash. Moms who are concerned about environmental issues. Moms who need to save money. Even moms who always wanted to cloth diaper, but did not want to toilet dunk.

A simple internet search for cloth diapers will turn up literally hundreds of results. Often the companies are started by moms who needed a solution for their children. Moms with a fabulous idea and the ability to sew up a prototype and market it. Word of mouth on the internet has grown these businesses and provided a means for today's cloth diapers to get into the hands of more and more families.

Want to cloth diaper with ease? Here are a few options to consider.

  • Pocket Diapers - The original pocket diaper was a Fuzzi Bunz. It uses a waterproof material that is sewn together with a "Stay Dry" material forming a pocket. This pocket is then stuffed with any absorbent material (insert included) to create a cloth diaper that is put on in one easy step.
  • All In One Diapers - All In One diapers do not require folding, pinning, stuffing or a cover. The All In One is a cloth diaper and a diaper cover in one quick, easy to put on baby, piece.
  • Fitted Diapers - are made of absorbent materials both inside and out and do not have an outer waterproof layer. They require a pull-on or wrap-style diaper cover, but are still easy to use as they snap, instead of being pinned, closed.