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Cloth Diapers, Expectations vs. Realities!

Posted by Cloth Diaper Blog Guest on 7/1/2012
When expectation and reality collide, the outcome is likely to be one of three things: disappointment, satisfaction, or joy. One of my mentors once told me that disappointment stems from unmet expectations and I would have to agree. As I reflect on my most disappointing experiences in life, I can definitely pin-point what my expectations were. When I am disappointed and cant figure out why, it is almost always because I had expectations that I wasn't even aware of that weren't met. I believe the completion of my mentors statement would be Satisfaction is the result of fulfilled expectations and Joy is the outcome of exceeded expectations.

My cloth diaper expectations:

You can be sure that after months of reading about, researching, purchasing and even dreaming about cloth diapering, that as my due date neared, I was full of expectations! To be completely honest, my expectations were rather low. In all my internet searching and reading of reviews and how to's, I came across several discussions of leaky cloth diapers, problems with ammonia, or the diaper pail smelling like a barnyard. I fully expected cloth diapering to be challenging, time consuming, gross and well, a pain. Despite these expectations, I was committed to doing it because my 2 year old's obsession with the Wall-E movie had permeated my thinking and I was determined not to leave a legacy of waste for my daughters.

Perhaps this is why I waited 3 weeks before I even tried to put cloth diapers on my newborn. I expected the cloth diapers to fail and that I would hate it! It was with hesitancy and trepidation that I put that first Zinnia Flip on my tiny newborn daughter. I couldn't believe it! It was so easy!! I had imagined myself spending half the day, stooped over the toilet, dunking, swishing and wringing out diapers. Instead, I found myself quite satisfied to simply place the soiled insert in the wet bag and put the clean insert & cover on the baby.

I kept waiting for my daughter to have the inevitable blow-out, or at least a leak, but to my great delight, it never happened! To think, we dealt with blow-outs on a weekly basis while using disposables with our first daughter and I avoided cloth diapers then because I thought they wouldn't be able to contain the mess! I could not have been more wrong!

Days somehow slipped by and now my teeny tiny newborn is curious 15 month old toddler who loves to go to the basket of diapers and pick out a brightly colored diaper when she needs a change! I have found that I am not only satisfied with cloth diapers, but I am delighted to the point of proselytizing! I love it and I want other people to experience the joy Ive discovered in cloth diapering.

The reality of cloth diapering for us has been amazing--Ive not had to deal with rashes or blowouts like I did when we used disposables, I didn't have to start rinsing poopy diapers until my baby starting eating solids at 6 months, I find that dirty cloth diapers smell far less than a pail of dirty disposables, and we have never dealt with ammonia or other stink issues.

My greatest disappointment in cloth diapering came that first day. Apparently, I expected cloth diapers to be as trim as disposables! The One-Size Flip diapers felt so big on my 8lb daughter and the fluffiness just seemed to envelop her. At the time, it really bothered me, so I ordered several Bum Genius XS All-in-ones and I was overjoyed to find how trim they were in comparison. I was so happy with them I ordered more, and to this day, I prefer AIO's--especially the trimmer natural fiber type like Bum Genius Elemental's and GroVia AIO's

Cloth Diaper Expectations

Expectation: Reality:
Leaky diapers? No leaks!
Stinky diapers? Less stink than disposables!
Lots of work? Work, but not an unreasonable amount.
Gross? Gross, but you have to deal with a poopy bum no matter which kind you choose!
Trim? Some One size diapers are bulkier than disposables but there are trim cloth diapers avaialable.

As you can see, when my expectations of what cloth diapering would be like collided with the reality of cloth diapering, the overall result is satisfaction! What are/were your expectations for cloth diapering?

Guest post by Anna