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Cloth Diapers ARE a Big Idea for our Small Planet

Posted by CDB Guest on 10/28/2009 to Cloth Diaper News

Bryana wrote me this morning to point me towards an interview with Tereson Dupuy, Inventor of Fuzzi Bunz over at the Sundance Channel's blog, Big Ideas For A Small Planet. If you can't view the video above, you can reach it at the direct link.

The video opens with a bit of a goofy line about cloth diapers from Sarah Douglis of Ecomedia, "Five percent of our landfills are filled with disposable diapers…and those are dirty." As the cameraman laughs in the background at the obvious blunder--who puts CLEAN diapers in landfills--she easily laughs at herself and moves on (gotta appreciate a woman who can laugh at herself).

She goes on to point out in her quirky, laughable way that disposable diapers are full of chemicals, chemicals that are "…rubbing up against your little boy or girl's family jewels all day long." I'm sorry, but so much of the eco-news is so heavy - I found myself loving her interjections.

Right after Douglis' quick-take, Tereson Dupuy talks about a sustainable Fuzzi Bunz Eco-Diaper in development. Apparently ALL of it will be 100% compostable. The outer shell will be made from sustainable polyesters derived from vegetable proteins (corn, soy, potatoes) and the insert from bamboo and organic cotton. But again, ALL OF IT? Compostable. I'm looking forward to seeing that new product when it launches!

Dupuy explains that after the diapers' 3 year life cycle, it can be composted back into organic matter. "It is grown from a crop…and goes back into the earth and never into a landfill."

Anyway, I won't tell you everything, but there are recommendations on how many cloth diapers are needed for a reasonable washing cycle and prevent stains from sinking in or ammonia build-up. There are also recommendations regarding detergent ingredients for keeping Fuzzi Bunz (and by default, other pocket diapers, clean).

And if you're wondering why this matters…why we have to talk cloth all the time (or as often as you will pull-up and read our blog posts), Sustainability Journalist Simran Sethi says it very well, "Babies are the most vulnerable members of our society…their immune system is still developing."

We are here to share about cloth diapers so we can help keep babies more comfortable during their early years, but most of all, to offer information on how to protect your baby's personal and environmental health.