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Cloth Diapers - A Family Matter

Posted by CDB Guest on 10/10/2010 to Getting Started

“We’re using reusable diapers, you know!” my trendy sister said to her soon-to-be-husband as she snuggled up to her only niece who also happens to be my daughter.

He rolled his eyes and smiled, but wisely said nothing.

“More and more people are using them,” she said to me, this time. “Disposable diapers are just so expensive and they’re going to just cost more and more as people switch to cloth.”

I agreed with a big smile as I joined the baby fun and tickled my little girl’s tiny toes. Her giggle was all the incentive I needed to tickle her more.

“It doesn’t even make sense to use disposables,” I chimed in. “Why would you waste your money?”

“I know so many people who use cloth,” my sister added. “And once we get married and eventually have kids, we’ll have our own washing machine so washing them shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Yeah, washing them isn’t as difficult as people think. Women have been doing it for centuries before us!”

Soon, my baby sister took my gorgeous daughter elsewhere to continue their play and I turned to her fiancé. “So, how do you feel about that? Using cloth?”

“I tell her I don’t like the idea,” he responded, wrinkling his nose. “but I have to say, it makes sense. ”

“Yeah, if it weren’t for the fact that we save thousands of dollars, I wouldn’t even consider it!” my husband added, quoting his sole and very persuasive reason for considering cloth.

I think it’s amazing that something that is so old and tested by time would suddenly seem so innovative and unheard of to our generation. Suddenly, the parents who choose to use cloth diapers are seen as cutting edge and revolutionary in their mothering methods when honestly they’re just going back to basics. Why spend big bucks on a diaper that will be worn once and then tossed forever when you can buy only 14-36 diapers during all of your child/children’s diapering years and just reuse them over and over?

For generations, women have washed and reused their diapers, not only doing what’s best for the environment and their wallets but what is best for their baby’s skin. Then, with the feminist movement and the disposable diaper, this was considered passé and unfashionable. But now that cloth diapers are so easy to use and easy to wash and our wallets are really hurting from the current recession, it’s only the most logical choice for parents to revert to cloth again.

If you’re wondering whether or not cloth diapers are worth it, then you should just get a couple. Get 3 or 4 cloth diapers and give them a try. I promise, you’ll see how easy and wonderful they are. Besides, your wallet will thank you.