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Cloth Diapering with Wool, Now I am a believer!

Posted by Becca on 3/14/2011 to Cloth Diaper How-To

The first time I heard about wool as an option for a water-resistant diaper cover, I just didnt believe it.

How on earth could something made of wool hold water?

So I smiled and nodded, but never really considered the option of buying a wool cover to go over my daughters prefolds and fitted diapers.

As time passed and I just kept hearing about the wonderful properties of wool, my curiosity was understandably piqued. All natural, breathable, a great cure for diaper rash, antifungal, and amazing absorbent properties could this all be true? But still, I persisted with my beloved PUL diapers and covers while perusing wool covers in the many online diaper stores and even Etsy shops that I frequent, but without coming close to buying one.

I even saw a tutorial on making your own wool diaper cover from an upcycled sweater on The Cloth Diaper Blog and I carefully read through all the instructions, and tucked them away in the corners of my mind as something that maybe I should try some day. I never got as far as locating that old, used wool sweater and making it. I just couldnt bring myself to do it because it seemed so silly to me that an old sweater could hold water.

I found knitting patterns for making your own wool soaker, longies, or shorties, but knitting patterns just look like Greek to me. If it isnt two dimensional, then I just dont have the knitting skills to create it. So I discarded that idea.

And so still, I had no wool cover despite my growing curiosity.

Then, a dear friend from my weekly Bible study who just happens to be an extremely talented knitter excitedly told me that shed found a pattern for a knit, wool diaper cover. She knew I cloth diaper and asked me if I would like one. Without hesitation I answered a resounding YES!!! After so much time hearing about wool, I was finally convinced that I had to try it myself.

She knit me the most beautiful wool soaker youve ever seen!

Deep ocean blue with bright pink ruffles on the butt.Its so adorable it can stand alone as an outfit or peek out from beneath a Sunday dress. Every week for as long as it took her to make it, shed show me her progress and wed compare it to my precious little baby to make sure the sizing was correct. It was completed and ready for use the day we had Bible Study at my house.

I was very excited to try it on her, so I ran to the nursery, took off a perfectly clean pocket diaper, stuck her in a fitted, and plopped the wool cover over the whole thing. It was cute, to be sure, but would my lap or my carpet suffer from subsequent leakage? I was skeptical, but adventurous so I went for it and let her hang out in that cover all night long. It was dry for so long that I just assumed she hadnt peed yet. Until I checked. Her fitted diaper was soaked and yet my lap remained perfectly dry. So what Id heard was true! It hadnt leaked at all.

Now, amidst the many PUL diaper covers, fitteds, pockets, and AIO diapers that I have in my stash, one adorable wool diaper cover stands alone and is used quite frequently! My plans for the future? To get some circular knitting needles and wool yarn. My knitting friend has kindly obliged in agreeing to teach me how to knit this pattern and Im highly motivated to learn it! I think a couple more wool covers would a very nice addition to my cloth diaper stash.