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Cloth Diapering, from a Dad's point of view.

Posted by CDB Guest on 11/9/2011 to Getting Started

I rarely ever take the time to write, or blog, or even e-mail for that matter, about anything let alone cloth diapering.  Clothing diapering is pretty amazing though, amazing enough that I’d take the time to write about it.  When my wife first told me she was pregnant I was ecstatic!  When my wife first told me she wanted to cloth diaper… I panicked.  I’m a bit stuck on the way things are for most people, and most people do not cloth diaper.

A lot of the hesitation I had with cloth diapering when my wife first brought it to my attention was the cost.  I’m a number cruncher by nature.  I thought “you’ve got to be kidding me $19.95 for a diaper?”  Why would I want to pay that much for one diaper when I can get two hundred disposables for fifty dollars?  I’m glad I didn’t go that route.  The cloth diapers are reusable for multiple generations.  One cloth diaper can last through the diapering period of at least one if not two or three children, so long as you take care of them.  Ah ha! The cost ratio is starting to look a lot better!  The other thing I was worried about in terms of cloth diapering was taking care of them. With a disposable we can just toss it out no harm no foul, but caring for cloth diapers is actually really easy and at times a bit therapeutic.  All you have to do is rinse them, stick them in a diaper pail and wash them in the washing machine at your convenience.

Now that my hesitations have been addressed let me tell you what I love about cloth diapering. I love how good it is for our daughter. She has been rash free since she was born aside from a small rash that occurred while she was sick. Cloth diapers cause much less irritation than disposables and appear to me at least to be much more comfortable. I feel like a good parent every time I change our daughter and see that she doesn’t have a rash, and that she’s going to be sitting in something comfortable. She won’t be sitting in this bulky chemical filled noisy mess of a disposable… No, no, she’ll be sitting in a comfortable cloud like softness that I could only wish I had when I was baby! The other thing I love about cloth diapering is the convenience. I absolutely despise having to leave the house for one or two items at the store. That’s right! Cloth diapering has saved my sanity. No midnight runs to the store while the baby stews in filth to buy disposables at the 24 hr Wal-Mart.

All-in-all I thought cloth diapering would be messy, time consuming and miserable. I was and am very pleasantly relieved we chose to cloth diaper rather than use disposables. If there are wives reading this, who are considering how to convince their husbands to cloth diaper I suggest you tell them it will save money in the long run and it’s better for the baby. For the husbands reading this that are considering cloth diapering… It’s really not a hassle like you might think it is. Cloth diapering is rewarding for all the reasons mentioned above, but especially for dodging midnight runs to the store, you’ll never really be out of diapers.