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Cloth Diapering: When it's time to re-stash

Posted by Julie Clark on 1/5/2015 to Cloth Diaper How-To
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When it’s time to re-stash

Re-stashing is a really fun prospect for the seasoned cloth diaper user. Unlike their first stash which was grown when they had no experience or inherited from hand­-me­-downs based on someone else’s experience, a re-stasher really knows what they’re doing this time. They are a cloth diaper expert at this point. Their days of experimenting and reading hundreds of reviews are long over. They know their needs, their kids, and what will and won’t work within the routine of their family.

There are a couple of different reasons to re-stash: a new baby, old diapers, or simply the need for a change.

Unfortunately Fortunately, I have not had the opportunity to re-stash. I’ve added to my stash and (regrettably) had to throw a couple of diapers in the trash or into my daughter’s doll clothes bin, but I’ve never scrapped or sold all of my diapers to buy a complete stash of brand new ones. After my first child, I had no desire to do that for two reasons: 1) What’s the point of using cloth diapers if you can’t reuse them from one child to the next and 2) I worked hard for each and every diaper in that stash either saving money from our monthly budget, stacking coupons, or writing reviews that I couldn’t bear to let go of them. They all grew to be oddly special to me in a weird way that only cloth diaper users can understand. After she outgrew diapers and was using the potty full time, anytime I happened to go down to my boxed stash and consider what to do with them, I’d remember when she wore it and which outfit it complemented best. (Yes, I’m that sentimental)

The diapers no longer seem to carry such great importance now that I’m using them with my son. They’re just a necessity of life now. Maybe it’s because I’m too busy as a mom of two to have time to think about diapers. Maybe it’s because I now despise doing diaper laundry for the same reason. Maybe it’s because I don’t have an excuse to purchase them anymore. Most of my diapers are still going amazingly strong—my bumGenius 3.0s especially are little workhorses and they’d probably make it through a third child. Still, I’ve made the decision that if we have a third child, I’m re-stashing. I’ll sell, donate, or give, or throw away the diapers I have and fill my stash with diapers that fit our current lifestyle just a bit better.

If I get the chance to re-stash, I’ll fill my baskets with brands we trust and styles that work with our lifestyle. I’ll ditch old handmade fitteds and use my nesting instincts to handcraft more. I’ll trade more time consuming pockets with BG Freetimes or Grovia AIOs and I’ll never purchase another Velcro or Aplix diaper again. I’ll keep my prefolds and fitteds (because I’m sure they’ll be in great shape even when my grandchildren need them) but I’ll definitely be on the lookout for some new covers, just because a change might be nice.

Of course, all this is really a moot point for now. I’m content with my two little munchkins and if these are all the children God sends our way, I’ll be fine with that. All the same, every time I get to the bottom of my clean pocket diaper basket or use the last clean fitted, I can’t help but think about how I’ll do my cloth diaper stash better the next time around should I get the chance.

Do you dream of re-stashing, getting to start all over cloth diapering with a new stash?