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Cloth Diapering Tip #1: AIO Alternatives

Posted by Bryana on 10/15/2009 to Frugal Cloth Diapering

With the economy as it is many families are looking for cheaper cloth diapering methods, but want something with the simplicity of All In One Diapers. Easy enough! You can create this same level of simplicity with just a bit of post-laundry preparation with simple prefold diapers and cloth diaper wraps.

AIOs are convenient because parents or caregivers can simply grab them and go - without gathering up a cloth diaper, diaper pins, snappi fastener, diaper cover, etc...., right? With a little bit of pre-planning, and a few extra less expensive cloth diaper wraps, you can give yourself the same convenience.

All you need to do is pre-line your diaper covers with prefold diapers straight from the washer and dryer (or line), getting them ready for a quick grab, quick trip, quick diaper change, or for that babysitter or grandparent watching your baby.

Think about it...

Even if you had to purchase one cloth diaper wrap for each of your prefold diapers (which you don't - the ratio is more like 1 to 3) is still less than the cost of stocking up your cloth diaper stash with All In Ones or Pocket Diapers.

Prefold diapers offer more absorbency right where it's needed, and because prefolds aren't permanently sewn between two layers (one being waterproof), it is argued they can be washed more thoroughly.

We think our Diaper Rite™ Prefold Diapers at Diaper Junction are thicker, softer and more absorbent than the prefolds you can find in your local baby superstore, not only that, but they are cut to fit your cloth diaper wrap perfectly without additional folding down in the front or back.

Prefold diapers laid inside cloth diaper wraps, you will find, are the most economical choice for cloth diapering, especially since they have more than one use; a diaper, a lap pad or burp cloth, a doubler, a pocket diaper insert, and later - when they are worn thin and ragged - you can recycle them as cleaning rags, dust rags, or tossed out in the garage scraps for drying off a freshly washed car.