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Cloth Diapering: Not Just for SAHMs!

Posted by CDB Guest on 2/2/2011 to Getting Started
Cloth diapering and daycare, one of these things just isn’t like the other.

Living in Tennessee, I get strange looks anytime the subject of cloth diapering is discussed. Usually along the lines of “You must love to deal with poop, bless your heart.” I just smile.

I still sometimes cannot believe I have managed to find a cloth diaper friendly day care center. I started cloth diapering at fourteen months. My son had a diaper rash. Constantly. I had to apply cream at every diaper change. I came to the conclusion this was not normal. My first step was to turn to Google. I decided to give the GroVia Hybrid Test Drive a try. I will admit the thought of cloth diapers intimidated me at first. I work fulltime and my son goes to daycare. The center he went to at the time was not very progressive. This system seemed like a perfect way to get my feet wet. After much debate and reviewing of state regulations, I got the director and teacher to agree to use the reusable shells with the disposable liners.

I liked the GroVia Hybrids but immediately wanted to wade a little deeper into the cloth diaper sea. I ordered several different types of diapers. I did not go overboard, as I knew I would only be cloth diapering nights and weekends. I looked forward everyday to the moment I could pick mister up from school and put cloth on his bottom.

His rash cleared up immediately. We no longer had a need for diaper rash cream. By this time, I knew about all the chemicals that were in disposable diapers. I realized those chemicals were likely responsible for the terrible rash that plagued my sweet mister. I was grateful that the center used the GroVia disposables. I also knew that I wanted to cloth diaper full time.

For reasons unrelated to cloth diapers, I had to find a new daycare center. I went on a tour of a highly recommended center. I immediately fell in love with everything about this place: the administration, the staff, the location, the facility, the philosophy and approach to learning. Just one last question to the assistant director, “I prefer natural things and we use cloth diapers at home. Is this an option here?”

To my surprise and delight, her answer: “Sure, I don’t see that being a problem.” I paid the registration fee and filled out the paperwork on the spot. He started attending the very next week. I took the time to explain to each of the ladies that worked in his classroom how the cloth diapers worked. They were all surprised at how easy cloth diapering really is, even commenting that it is “not much different from disposables.”

Now, I send Roland to daycare everyday equipped with flushable liners, a variety of prepped AIO and pocket diapers, and a zippered wet bag. It’s a simple as that.

Does your daycare use cloth diapers?