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Cloth Diapering Advocacy - Keeping It Real

Posted by Bryana on 3/26/2007 to Cloth Diaper News

The Real Diaper Association does it right in so many ways. The mission is basic, "to increase the use of simple, reusable cloth diapers". And in the last few years, they have done just that.

One of the valuable cloth diapering advocacy resources available at their site is their Why Choose Cloth Diapers (WCCD) Advocacy Plan. In an effort to start changing the world one diaper change at a time, the RDA understands that making change means impacting the next generation, and that is just what the WCCD advocacy plan is all about.

"The 'Why Choose Cloth Diapers' (WCCD) Advocacy Plan focuses on educating children on how the 3Rs (renewable, reusable, recyclable) relate to the cloth -v- disposable diapering discussion."

As an educational tool, this Advocacy Plan can be used across many platforms, from public school settings, to home schools, libraries, community centers, local bookstores, and wherever else you can think children would gather and listen.

"In the 'Why Choose Cloth Diapers' Advocacy Plan you will find step-by-step guidelines for implementing different activities, downloadable resources, supplies lists needed for the various activities, and suggestions for implementing the Advocacy Plan."

Be a local advocate. Make a difference in your family first by choosing cloth diapers, and then extend beyond to your extended family, circle of friends and community. Solid changes begin slowly, but grow steadily, building strength and resolve.

Already cloth diapering and ready to start educating locally? Visit RDA's WWCD page to download and read the "Why Choose Cloth Diapers" Advocacy Plan.