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Cloth Diapering: A Gateway to a Greener Lifestyle?

Posted by CDB Guest on 10/22/2011 to Green Living

What started as a simple way to save money actually transformed my life.

I love the color green, but never considered myself to be green or crunchy. I jumped into cloth diapering to save some green not be green. Something mysterious happened to me and my conversion began in November of 2009 when I became a cloth diaper junky. From the moment my sweet little boy had his bum covered in an oh-so-colorful cloth diaper I was addicted.  What started as a simple way to save money actually transformed my life.

I began reading and talking cloth diapers everywhere I went. I immediately saw a reduction in our family’s trash. The house was no longer smelly either! I did not dive head long into a greener lifestyle it actually crept up on me. Soon I had switched to cloth wipes and before long I was making my own laundry detergent. Baking soda and vinegar became very dear friends of mine as I learned to use these in cleaning my house. 

Cloth diapering opened up a whole new world to me and that was an unexpected bonus. I never would have learned about natural ways to clean if I did not follow others with in the cloth diapering community.

I have a very frugal friend who is a fellow cloth diapering mama and she has shown me even more ways to save. I switched to cloth napkins and wash cloths to replace paper towels. Trash no longer looks the same to me. I compost, feed scraps to my chickens, recycle, and see if I can use it again before it actually goes in the trash can. For a family of six we were excited to have only two bags of trash on pick up day. Imagine how much waste we would create if the diapers for my two little ones were in the trash?

Cloth diapering is very green. Many of the over-the-counter remedies can have ill effect on cloth diapers so you have to learn different ways to treat diaper area issues. Once you get started you simply can not stop. Instead of reaching for a powder from the store I can grab some corn starch out of the kitchen. It works like that. You realize you already have a stock pile of resources in your house. Cloth diapering made me look around and see what I could repurpose or reuse.

I had no idea when I began this journey that such a conversion would take place. It is fun, actually to see how much we can reduce, reuse, and recycle. Such a simple task as changing my baby’s diaper transformed the way I see the world. These few changes we made as a family will have a lasting impact on the world they will grow up in. What started with frugality to save some green has actually made us green, and we like it.