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Cloth Diaper Tips, Save $$ with these easy suggestions!

Posted by Julie on 12/11/2012 to Cloth Diaper How-To
All you need is cloth diapers to use cloth diapers right? Wrong.

As with most things, there are accessories and items that make cloth diapering easier, but using them cost more. So how do you cope and manage to still use the products and save money?

Here are a couple ways to get MORE bang for your buck!

TWO Cloth Diaper Accessories that will save YOU!

Coconut Oil! Yes, you read it right. Coconut Oil is a super economical and all natural rash remedy and preventative used by many many families.

Purchase one 15oz jar and you may never need another as long as you're cloth diapering. Unless you discover it's many other uses!

For rashes and rash prevention simply tap your fingers and get some oil on them and apply lightly to the babies skin, not enough that it would drip (that's too much), just enough as though you were moisturizing.

It's also perfect for skincare, cradle cap, eczema, hair conditioner, after sun moisturizer, nails, cuticles and more!

Flushable Liners! At $6.50 per roll of 100 sheets, it's hard not to think about the cost adding up. That's .065 cents per diaper change.

The savings come in when you consider that disposable liners will make washing easier. Less rinse cycles mean less money spent and less staining mean your diapers will retain their value longer.

What else? On tiny babies you can often cut each sheet in half. That means you'd get twice as much use out of one roll making cutting your cost in HALF.

These are just TWO products that pack a lot of BANG for the BUCK. Proof you don't have to spend a fortune on accessories in order to use cloth diapers.

What other accessories have you discovered in unlikely places that help save you money?