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Cloth Diaper Tips, On the go with cloth diapers!

Posted by Julie on 12/4/2012 to Cloth Diaper How-To
Cloth diapering on the go can get a little hairy. You've got to consider the cloth diapers best suited for the type of outing, the accessories you'll need and make sure it's all packed and ready to go.

Here are some quick and easy tips for taking cloth diapers on an outing successfully.

Things to consider

Where are you going and where will you be able to change the baby? Is there a changing station? Adequate space to lay baby on a chair, sofa or park bench?

The space determines the type of diaper. You may not have space to lay baby down and fold a prefold, especially if you're just starting out.

Will there be somewhere to throw away disposable wipes or will you pack cloth wipes? Will you have access to washing and not have to store your dirty diapers too long?

Flushable Liners, may become your best friend. If you can manage to catch the poop with a flushable liner and flush it when you're out and changing dipaers, then that's less mess you have to contain in your wetbag and less to deal with when it's time to wash and take those soiled diapers out of the bag.

Don't have anywhere to flush a liner? Well you can put the diaper, liner and all into your wetbag, peel off the liner and poop when you get home and flush.

Consider cloth wipes! Not only are they convenient to have on hand for all those messy occasions besides changing diapers, you can toss them into your wetbag and wash with your cloth diapers when you're ready. With disposable wipes, unless you have access to a trash can, you'll need to consider having a baggy to place the poopy wipes in so you don't have to get them all mixed up in your wetbag.

Carry an extra wetbag! You never know when you're going to have poopy clothes that need storage, go through extra diapers and may run out of space. Or, you've got multiple stops on your day of running errands and don't want to take your half filled stinky wetbag inside the grocery store or mall with you.

Inexpensive bags like Gro Via and Bummis are perfect and affordable for use as your spare wetbags.

What have we learned?

You need ENOUGH to cloth diaper successfully while out and about and you need to be prepared for the unexpected. Don't take the bare minimum.

Thoughts? What are your tips for taking cloth diapers on the go?