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Cloth Diaper Tips: Fluffy Fashion

Posted by Becca on 4/23/2013 to Cloth Diaper How-To

fluff, cloth diapers,Spring is here and with it comes the promise of 6 months of warm weather where we will gradually lose the need to wear sweaters and coats as the temperature rises and we box our warm clothing for tank tops and flip flops. When my daughter was still in diapers, the nerdy cloth diaper-obsessed mom in me would get excited that the weather was finally warm enough to show off her fluffy bum.

The great thing about cloth diapers is that they really make it unnecessary to buy as many clothing as you would with disposables. There are two reasons for that:

  1. They just don't leak as much so you need less clothing changes.
  2. Cloth diapers are adorable and can serve as the bottom piece of a baby's outfit.

Replace and Coordinate

When dressing my little girl, I happily found that the bloomers that come with every infant dress (to hide that unsightly disposable) were unnecessary. I gained a drawer of those things that almost never got worn. Cloth diapers are cuter than most bloomers, frankly, and you can even buy some WHAM cloth that includes ruffles or embroidery on the bum if you want to. When getting my daughter dressed to go to church on Sundays, I'd always pick out 2-3 cloth diapers that matched her dress. As she crawled around, that colored little bum sticking out was just too cute!

For both little boys and little girls, you can skip the onesie (I always hated them anyway because they snuck into the legs of the diaper and caused leaks) and go with a shirt and a diaper. If it's chilly or your baby is learning to crawl on wood floors, add some baby leg warmers--buy some Baby Legs or make your own either by knitting them or sewing them from a discarded T shirt.

Of course, on super warm days, you can skip everything but the diaper. Just because you can't go topless doesn't mean your baby can't. If you're swimming, buy a swim diaper or use your pocket diaper without an insert as a swim diaper and skip the bathing suit. Do not use your pocket diapers as swim diapers unless the manufacturer recommends it, though. Rump-a-rooz and Happy Heiny's both boast that their diapers make excellent swim diapers, but I've also heard that excessive exposure to chlorine over time can weaken your PUL layer.

So, bring it on, warm weather. We are eager to get our baby's fluff out into the sunshine!



Grace S
Date: 4/26/2013
I'm the same - come on warm weather so I can show off my cute cloth diapers!
Alyssa Alexander
Date: 4/26/2013
I love picking out diaper to match the dress. Last summer my daughter lived in dresses. So cute!
Jen K
Date: 4/27/2013
I'll be CDing for the first time with my son and I can't wait to get him some really cute diapers to show off!
Leela Rao
Date: 4/27/2013
All I pretty much have are onesies for my little man. Guess I need to find some little shirts for him to wear with his cute diapers this summer.
Samantha Lippard
Date: 4/29/2013
I love warmer weather! It's easier to get my son ready in the mornings- just a shirt and cloth diaper, and sometimes a pair of baby legs!
Date: 4/29/2013
I love the idea of using diapers as outfits. My son wears shirts and diapers only when it's warm.
Rachel N
Date: 4/30/2013
I am so excited for summer and super cute little dresses! I have had 2 boys that I cloth diapered which was fun but I didn't get to show off their diapers very much. Now that I have a baby girl it will be so much fun to coordinate with her diapers.

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