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Cloth Diaper Tips: Best of Edition

Posted by Julie on 11/12/2013 to Cloth Diaper How-To
Cloth diaper tips come in all shapes in sizes. Some are MEGA life-changing and others are simple, you use them when you need to and are happy you knew about it.

cloth diaper tips,cloth diapers For today's Cloth Diaper Tips Tuesday I thought we'd do a 'Best of' Edition where we share with you some of our past TIPS and others from around the web that you might find helpful.

Cloth Diaper Tips, Best of

1. The Invisible Clothesline TIP was one of our most shared tips, according to Facebook. Don't have a clothesline? Have limited space? Never fear, you can always resort to this clever tip!

Read about the Invisible Clothesline here.

2. Our DIY Cloth Diaper or Diaper Cover Elastic Repair post gives you step by step instructions on how to replace the elastic in your cloth diapers or diaper covers!

Learn to replace your own cloth diaper elastic here.

3. Learn to make your own DIY Fleece Cloth Diaper Liners in this great guest post from the Cloth Diaper Blog.

Now sewing machine required, this DIY Liner Tutorial is easy-peasy!

4. Need to replace the aplix on your BumGenius Cloth Diapers but don't have a sewing machine? This great No sewing machine required aplix repair post has step by step help for replacing your BumGenius aplix closures!

Check out this post and details here on

5. Is your cloth diaper aplix all gunked up with lint? This really cool post shows you how simple it is to clean out your cloth diaper aplix closures.

Visit The Anti-June Cleaver blog for step by step details on how to perform this feat!

What do you think? Were any of these cloth diaper tips helpful to you? We hope so! Comment letting us know if you've used any of these tips before and feel free to share with us if you have tips you'd like us to discover!