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Cloth Diaper Tip: Try several brands of cloth diapers before you invest all in one kind.

Posted by Julie on 7/9/2013 to Cloth Diaper How-To
Getting started with cloth diapers is both fun and daunting. How do you know which ones to buy? Is it as easy as buying 24 Fuzzi Bunz because your friends uses those and swears by them, or should you try various kinds and decide for yourself?try cloth diapers,cloth,trial

There are various reasons you should try at least a few brands before you decide which to buy in bulk for your cloth diaper stash.

Reasons to Try Cloth Diapers Before You Buy

#1 Not all babies are built the same. Cloth diapers don't work properly if you can't get the right fit for your baby. Some babies are tall and need a longer rise, others are chunky and need diapers much larger than recommended for their age.

#2 Not all babies and/or genders wet or soil their diapers equally. Girls tend to need a much better fit and more generously stuffed diaper in the wet-zone so that their urine will be better absorbed and not leak out the sides.

Depending on the age and what the baby eats, some have runny poo and benefit from inner gussets while others can get by without. Breastfed poo vs. formula poo or babies already on solids...have different needs.

The older the child the less frequently they wet the diaper but they tend to pee a lot more and can soak through diapers that work great on smaller, younger babies.

#3 You may prefer sized diapers over one size. If cloth diapering form birth you may not like the bulk from a one-size diaper on the smallest setting for your tiny newborn. Often newborn and small diapers are preferred over one size, especially since you don't know exactly how tiny your newborn is until they get here.

#4 Fasteners. Snaps or aplix? Both have their benefits. Aplix diapers can be put on and changed more quickly but snaps are preferred on older babies more prone to taking their own diapers off.

Definitely trying at least one of each kind is recommended.

#5 Fibers and sensitivity. Some babies have sensitivities to synthetic fibers and some do not. It's always a good idea to try before you buy if you're concerned your child may react to one thing or another.

Diaper Junction offers a Try Cloth Diapers Risk Free Program that allows you to purchase some of the most popular lines on the market, keep them for up to 30 days and then return them if you decide they weren't for you.

You can check out the cloth diapers available for trial here on the Diaper Junction site.