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Cloth Diaper Tip: Pink or blue? They both catch the poop!

Posted by Becca on 9/17/2013 to Cloth Diaper How-To

Does diaper color really matter?

cloth diapers,gender neutral,cloth diaper tips When my son was a week or two old, I put up a picture of him in a hot pink newborn diaper on Facebook that was captioned: “Real men wear pink.” I didn't always plan on letting him wear our pink diapers. When I had my daughter, I couldn't help but to add a couple of girly diapers into her stash. I like girly colors, and dressing up a girl in a frilly pink dress with a diaper to match is so much fun! The rest of my stash is dutifully gender neutral, which to me, really means anything but pink or purple because I love putting blue on a girl as well as anything. When God blessed us with a boy, we had to get some things from scratch because they were so girly--clothing mostly, but also a few bits of baby gear as well. I don't really have a problem with my son using pink things or playing with dolls (although I do draw the line at clothing with ruffles on the butt, or a lacy dress) because boy colors and girl colors are really rather arbitrary and have nothing to do with gender or gender roles and because I think that real men can grow from little boys who play with babies and have learned to be sensitive and caring. Besides, when my daughter was a baby, I'd put her in her pinkest, girliest outfit and people would still ask me: “How old is he?” or “What's his name?” Yeesh!

I have a pretty plentiful cloth diaper stash. I didn't really need any more cloth diapers for my Baby Bear. When I first prepared for his arrival, I brought up all my gender neutral colors and left my pinks and purples downstairs in their storage bin. Honestly, we had so many, I didn't see a need to bring them all up. But then, we discovered he is quite the heavy wetter and can sometimes go through more than one diaper an hour. On one particular day we counted 17 dirty diapers! If he didn't sleep so much, it would have been many more. So, I grabbed the pretty diapers and added them to his stash. “What does it matter the color of the diaper on his bum?” I asked my husband.

“It really doesn't matter,” he replied easily.

He's right. Wearing pink won't make him any less of a boy. Besides, I have girly diapers in some of my favorite brands--a hot pink Knickernappies, an amethyst Rump-a-rooz, and a soft pink GroVia. It was nice to be able to use those again because they're all great diapers.

So now, Baby Bear wears all of Bunny's old diapers and I don't even stress about it. At first, I limited the girly diapers to home usage, but then I stopped even looking at the color of the diapers in the basket as I grabbed them to stock his diaper bag. So he's in pink? So what? He is still all boy and the color of the diaper on his bum won't change or mar that. He won't even remember it by the time he's done wearing them. So if you have a girl and you've been abstaining from all the adorable flowery, princessy, girly diapers out there, abstain no longer. Go ahead and get a few. Having a son later on down the line won't mean you can't use them. They're for containing urine and feces, for goodness sake. Do you have a boy and you've been avoiding buying fire truck and robot prints? Don't worry, a girl would look adorable with those prints on her bum! Of course, if it really does bother you, I'm not judging nor am I trying to pressure you into putting colors on your child that make you uncomfortable. Personally, I just found that the whole color-coding-genders thing is sort of silly. I mean, my husband looks really hot when he wears pink and my son is just as adorable in a pink diaper as he is in blue. But that's just me. I understand that not everyone is okay with that and that's okay too.

So, what does your stash look like? Lots of gender neutral colors and prints, or have you stocked your drawers with plenty of colors that are socially and culturally gender specific? Do you care if your girl wears boy prints or your son wears flowers on his bum? Why is that?