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Cloth Diaper Tip: Keeping extra travel sizes and samples on hand.

Posted by Julie on 5/28/2013 to Cloth Diaper How-To
Travel sizes and sample sizes are often the way that we get to know a product before we buy it. Then you move on to buying the full size bottles or products.

samples, grovia, mini magic stick,tips However there are several reasons that keeping samples on hand makes sense and can save the day when you're in need.

When might travel and sample sizes come in handy?

Having a sample or two of your favorite bottom balm or rash remedy in the diaper bag is essential. Should you need to share your bottom balm with a friend you'll have a handy sample you can give them and won't risk sharing any contaminants in the event that you or they are concerned.

You also never know when you're packing your diaper bag if you'll forget to pack your rash remedy or bottom balm. Not everyone can afford to have a full size in the bag at all times and one at home.

Samples are also perfect for travel. Sample cloth diaper detergents keeping you from having to take an opened bag of detergent with you or from having to place your detergent in a container suitable for travel. No one wants to risk the detergent breaking open or spilling out. sample size,cloth diaper detergent

If you know you'll only need to wash cloth diapers one or two times while away then small samples of detergents like Eco Sprout Soap, which can wash 2-4 loads, make perfect sense!

So, next time you've got some samples or the opportunity to acquire some, consider growing a little stash that you can keep for emergencies or to make traveling easier. I promise, you'll love keeping them around!

Do any of you already use sample sizes in this way or do you keep multiple full sizes for use instead?