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Cloth Diaper Tip: Hanging cloth diapers without a clothesline!

Posted by Julie on 7/23/2013 to Cloth Diaper How-To
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The easiest cloth diaper tip you'll find on the internet! No fancy folding skills, no need to watch a video demonstration or study step by step pictures.

We present to you....The Invisible Clothesline for Cloth Diapers!

The Invisible Clothesline Trick

Are you having an AHA! moment yet?

The cloth diapering trick is really a no-brainer. Something that's been right before your eyes but that you've probably never tried.

The majority of snaps on ALL cloth diapers are the same size and each has a male and female end. They can and will snap together easily! Pretty crazy right?

Like I said, no step-by-stp demonstrations needed. This trick is perfect for camping with cloth diapers, visiting family or friends who don't have a clothesline or for your own home. Snap your diapers together and hang them in the laundry room, across the living room, outside and any other place you fancy.

So tell me truthfully, have you snapped your diapers together for this effect before? Think you'll try it? Please share!