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Cloth Diaper Tip: Hanging cloth diapers without a clothesline!

Posted by Julie on 7/23/2013 to Cloth Diaper How-To
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The easiest cloth diaper tip you'll find on the internet! No fancy folding skills, no need to watch a video demonstration or study step by step pictures.

We present to you....The Invisible Clothesline for Cloth Diapers!

The Invisible Clothesline Trick

Are you having an AHA! moment yet?

The cloth diapering trick is really a no-brainer. Something that's been right before your eyes but that you've probably never tried.

The majority of snaps on ALL cloth diapers are the same size and each has a male and female end. They can and will snap together easily! Pretty crazy right?

Like I said, no step-by-stp demonstrations needed. This trick is perfect for camping with cloth diapers, visiting family or friends who don't have a clothesline or for your own home. Snap your diapers together and hang them in the laundry room, across the living room, outside and any other place you fancy.

So tell me truthfully, have you snapped your diapers together for this effect before? Think you'll try it? Please share!


Date 7/23/2013
I have used the snaps to avoid using clothespins but have always had a string. This is pure genius! Thanks for the simple idea!
Date 7/23/2013
Renee H
I never actually thought to do this (duh, so smart). I just tied yarn to my deck to make my own clothes line ha ha ha and sun those babies :D
Date 7/23/2013
the only problem you can't do, is hang your inserts this way. Well, at least, I can't.
Date 7/23/2013
Renae M
ah ha! no I have not used my snaps this way, but will soon forsure. Yay! thanks for tip.
Date 7/23/2013
Won't that stretch out the elastics? I've thought of doing that but I don't want to ruin my diapers
Date 7/23/2013
Angelina M
I'm going to try this, since I have so few covers right now that the elastics won't stretch too much, at least until we figure out how to get a clothesline!
Date 7/23/2013
Melissa C.
Yikes! Sort of a cool concept, but I think that would take a lot of life off of those pricey covers. I'll stick with my Ikea octopus and covers that are still like-new.
Date 7/23/2013
Robyn Hendrickson
Great tip for people without a clothes line. I love to hang our cloth diapers outside, not sure how I'll get through this winter having to use the dryer everytime!
Date 7/24/2013
vickie couturier
cant wait to share this with my daughterin law she is cloth diapering an bet she doesn't know thanks
Date 7/25/2013
cynthia downer
cant believe ive never thought of this!
Date 7/25/2013
sasha perry
such a great idea!! i was planning on just using a mini collapsible rolling rack to make things easier to get in and out of my house.
Date 7/25/2013
For those worried about the elastic, you could just hang them from the front of the dipe, where there isn't any elastic, using alternating rise/waist snaps! Let the back part with the elastic be the part that dangles down! No problem!
Date 7/26/2013
Kim Hendricks
What an awesome idea! You could easily make a bunch of mini lines of these between chairs in the winter & still be 'line drying' & saving money!
Date 7/26/2013
I applaud the ingenuity, but I'd be concerned about the strain on elastics if snapped in the back. Snapping in the front would work ok, but what about diapers with elastics on both sides, like Thirsties?
Date 7/28/2013
Christina L
Great idea! I'll have to try this.
Date 7/28/2013
I love this! I'll have to try this next time I want to dry in the house!
Date 8/1/2013
I absolutely love this idea! So smart. I am definitely going to try this on the next rainy day. Thank you.
Date 8/12/2013
Vicki Hall
I usually just hang them on those plastic pants hangers on my shower curtain rod I'm gonna try this though. thanks for the tip I never would've thought of this.
Date 8/21/2013
Amy Bernick
I love this idea. I'm not sure why I never thought to do this.
Date 12/4/2013
But of COURSE! Great idea! I love it! The chain might have to be shorter if you used hook and loop, but it would also work with hook and loop fasteners, wouldn't it? I have heard complaints about the 'diaper chain' coming out of the dryer.
Date 12/12/2013
That is the neatest idea. Wouldn't have thought of that but since I live in an apartment and have no way to put up a clothesline I will have to try this soon!
Date 12/12/2013
Ashley A
GENIUS! Thank you! Will have to try this at home until hubby hangs my clothes line for me!
Date 12/13/2013
Melissa Paul Crawford
Date 2/12/2014
Bonnie W.
This is BRILLIANT! I don't have a clothesline and I've been using hangers all over the place.
Date 4/11/2014
Maureen Lipnitz
Totally an Aha! moment. This looks so easy and its a great idea since I'm trying to use less energy and save money around the house.
Date 6/9/2014
Sheila Z
I have a clothesline but actually thought of this if I ever get the chance to throw a baby shower with a mama who wants to CD :) Or a cool diaper skirt
Date 6/9/2014
Maggie M.
This is an excellent idea if you have diapers with snaps. If you have prefolds or flats then I'm sure you could do something similar with a clothes pin.
Date 7/23/2018
We have a new adopted 14 year old daughter whom we have had for three months now.We have her in regular cloth pin on diapers and rubberpants 24/7.I was the diapers and rubberpants together in the washing machine,and then put the diapers in the drier,and hang the rubberpants on the clothes line to air dry.

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