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Cloth Diaper Tip: Done with diapers? Don't pack them away too early.

Posted by Julie on 4/30/2013 to Cloth Diaper How-To
Are you done with cloth diapers? Have plans to store them in the attic, pack them away in totes or even donate them? You may want to consider keeping some on hand for a few years after your little ones have potty trained. Here's why.

My sons are six years old and long since out of cloth diapers. The majority of what was left of my stash was donated to a friend who was cloth diapering and could use the extra diapers. They were pretty worn, not worth keeping since I was not going to have more kids and not worth the hassle of trying to re-sell, so I passed them on.

thirsties,duo diaper,cloth diapers A couple cute custom made diapers that I loved got put away in a tote with keepsake baby clothes. I suppose every mama should have a couple keepsake cloth diapers as well.

A handful of my other workhorse diapers, a Thirsties Duo Diaper and a few others, were stashed here or there in a drawer. Out of sight out of mind.

It wasn't until about a month ago when my little guys got real sick with the stomach flu that I was happy to have access to at least a few of my go-to cloth diapers.

Their poor tummies gurgled, they threw up more times than any mom ever wants to see in a lifetime and they absolutely could not help from pooping in their underwear over and over until I literally had no more underwear clean, they were all either dirty or in the wash.

That's when it dawned on me that the cloth diapers would work wonders. They weren't going to be peeing in them, just wearing them to prevent the messy underwear changes I was having to tend to.

Sure enough, although they weren't the best fit anymore I was still able to fasten them and they worked like champs at keeping the poo-explosions contained. This resulted in less embarrassment for my boys and much less mess for me to clean up. Plus, I could tell the cloth pocket diapers were much more comfortable for their poor little bums than any paper/plastic/disposable would be.

And so, over three years after my boys potty trained I was able to cloth diaper them again for a brief time while they were sick. For this reason I recommend keeping a few diapers out of storage and on hand for times like these. You'll be glad you did!

Have you ever had a need to get out the cloth diapers after your little ones were potty trained?