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Cloth Diaper Tip: Dirty Diaper Storage

Posted by Becca on 6/4/2013 to Cloth Diaper How-To

Even though I wanted to cloth diaper before my daughter was born, I guess I'd resigned myself to using disposables because I registered for a diaper genie. I have to say that those things are not only impossible to use with cloth diapers, they are completely impractical for disposables too (well, that's my opinion, anyway). As my stash grew, I realized that I really had no solution for dirty diaper storage for my cloth diapers. At first, I just put them in a random bucket on the floor, but once our stash grew past 6 diapers, I realized I needed to find some real storage. For us, dirty diaper storage evolved over the two years that our daughter was in diapers and ultimately we found a couple different dirty diaper storage options for different stages in our diapering journey.

Hanging Wet Bag:
A wetbag with either a drawstring or a handle can be hung from your changing table or a doorknob to contain dirty cloth diapers. We used this for a while, but soon discovered that hanging wetbags only worked for us if you could zip them shut to keep the smell of raw diapers from permeating the baby's room. If you're going to go the hanging wet bag method, may I suggest using a wetbag that is specifically designed to be hung? Fuzzibunz makes a hanging diaper pail. Planet Wise also has a few wetbags that zip closed and could be easily used to hang your dirty diapers in a convenient location. Both of these will efficiently hold your diapers and keep the smell securely inside the bag

Also, you need to make sure that the wetbag you use is large enough to accommodate all the dirty diapers your baby will make in the days between washing. If you have a small stash and need to wash every day or two, then a medium wetbag will probably do the trick. If your stash is larger and you want to wash every other day or every three days (you should never go longer than 2-3 days before diaper washes or the longevity of your diapers may suffer), then you should go with a large wetbag.

Diaper Pail:
Eventually, we found that our selection of hanging wetbags was not only impractical because of smell issues (we hadn't chosen the zippering kind), but we also had a couple that were just too small and forced us either to wash a load of diapers after only 6-8 of them had been soiled. There are plenty of great diaper pails that we could have bought online, but we opted, instead, to buy a simple garbage pail from Walmart. We chose one with a lid that opened with a foot pedal and found that the large Grovia pail liner with the elastic drawstrings worked perfectly. We got two of these liners and simply alternated using them. It was a perfect solution and I'm sorry we didn't think of it earlier.

Diaper Bag Storage:
At first, I planned on using disposable diapers when I was out of the house but then I was like, “Why bother?” I quickly found that it wasn't really more difficult to use cloth diapers everywhere. In fact, for me, it would have been a hassle to have to buy disposables every couple of months and then have a stash of disposables for travel and cloth for home. And what about if you're ready to leave the house and your baby is still in a cloth diaper? Yeah, it was just much less complicated to simply use cloth all the time. The one thing you have to worry about with cloth diapers on the go that you may not have to concern yourself with when using disposables, is dirty diaper storage. You aren't going to be throwing your cloth diapers away. At one of my baby showers, someone gave me a little packet of tiny garbage bags to keep in my diaper bag for storing dirty disposable diapers and at first, that's what I used to store my cloth diapers. Eventually though, I bought a small wetbag for on-the-go changes. For your diaper bag, I feel it's especially important to get a high quality, zipping wetbag because you really want to be able to keep that stink out when your diapers are resting near things like changes of clothing or stored breastmilk. I have a great Fuzzibunz wetbag--size small--that I use for these occasions. A friend of mine has a Planet Wise in her diaper bag, which is also a very, high quality dirty diaper storage option. I've also found some WAHMs on Etsy and other places who sell quality wetbags if you want to go the homemade, support-a-mom route. In addition, if you're handy with a needle and thread, wetbags are super easy to make--especially since places like Hobby Lobby recently started carrying PUL fabric.

So, how do you store your dirty diapers? Are there tricks you have discovered over the years that have helped streamline the process? What is your favorite wetbag or diaper pail?