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Cloth Diaper Tip: Different Diapers Work for Different Babies

Posted by Becca on 10/22/2013 to Cloth Diaper How-To

One Size fits some but not ALL

As I peruse different brands of diapers and read the reviews left by cloth diaper,baby,diapersdifferent customers, I'm always amazed to see such a dichotomy of opinions about a particular brand.  One reviewer says things like, “This diaper is awesome! We love it! Great fit, never leaks, etc.” while another says, “This was a terrible diaper.  It leaked all the time and squeezed my baby's chunky legs. I'll never buy another one.”  Now that I have two kids, I understand better why that is. 

Different babies have different body types and different elimination patterns.  Though she was born fat, my daughter thinned out quickly and became a thin baby with a tiny waist and legs who peed very diapers,baby,clothfrequently and wasn't a heavy wetter at all.  After a few months diapering her and a few different types and styles of diapers I decided that I liked Fuzzi Bunz the best on her.  They were well made, the fit is so customizable, and I don't ever remember a leak.  But honestly, all of the diapers we used for her were awesome--Happy Heinys, Rump-a-rooz, Babykicks, Grovia, Knickernappies, and of course, BumGenius. 

  diaper,comparison Then, along came our son and even as a newborn, he leaked through everything except the Rump-a-rooz.  I was flabbergasted.  We were using the same amount of absorbency we'd used on Bunny, and it was as if he had no absorbency at all.  We switched the newborn insert for the one-size or large inserts that come with all of these pocket diapers and it improved the problem during the day but didn't help it at all during the night.  We used only Rump-a-rooz at night and for awhile, that contained the wetness, but soon, we even had a couple of leaks with those.  It was then that I knew I had to approach things differently. I was doing things with Baby Bear exactly the way I'd done them with Bunny and since they are two different babies, it just wasn't working.  I started re-evaluating the fit of the diapers and the absorbency.   We added some Joey Bunz to our night diapers and that really gave us a boost in absorbency.  Baby Bear can now go through the night with only one or two diaper changes, which means more sleep for my exhausted husband and I and better parenting during diapers,newborn,comparisonthe day.  Then, we re-sized all of our pocket diapers and traded out the microfiber inserts for flats which are surprisingly absorbent when pad folded.  I still change Baby Bear's diaper every hour or so (when he's awake), but the flat diapers can absorb much more than he can dish out in an hour.  If we happen to go on a drive or he takes an extra long nap, I don't have to worry about leakage anymore.

  There were a few brands that currently just aren't cutting it for our little guy that worked so well for Bunny.  The Grovia AIO became my favorite diaper for her--especially towards the end of our diapering days.  I used it on Baby Bear as soon as he grew into it, but it just isn't made for his brand of chunky thighs and belly.  In fact, none of our side-snapping diapers work on him.  I'm holding out that they might work when he's a bit bigger, so they stay in storage, waiting for that day.  During the day, I'm shocked to find that Fuzzi Bunz aren't as wonderful for him as they were for Bunny, and that all three types of bumGenius always work perfectly--even the ones that are now four years old. What have I learned from all this?  Well, just because a diaper doesn't work for your baby doesn't mean it doesn't work for all babies.  It's for this reason that I buy 2-4 different kinds of cloth diapers at baby showers. Just because a brand is your favorite doesn't mean it will be your friend's go-to diaper. You not only don't know which kind of diaper will work for a couple's budget and preferences, but you don't know which will be best for their baby. 

  If you bought a specific type of diaper and it's leaking try adjusting both the fit and the absorbency before calling it quits.  If it still doesn't work, then it may be a diaper best suited for another body type, or one that your baby will “grow into” as he or she starts crawling, walking, or thinning out/fattening up. One Size diapers are not one size fits all, they are one size fits most.  Most of them will work just fine for you, but there are always those exceptions where you use a very trusted brand and sadly discover that just doesn't suit. 

Have you discovered that some diapers you loved for one child absolutely don't work for another?



Shanna Bethards
Date: 10/22/2013
For me, I've noticed less about fit between my two kiddos, more about absorbency. For DS he could get away with almost anything during the day, but DD had to have extra absorbency. Luckily the fit is perfect, but the first few diapers before I figured it out were a nightmare. However, I have noticed there is a HUGE fit difference between my kids and my cousin's youngest. He's a super chunky baby, so he outgrew OS diapers quick and has to be in sized ones. So crazy to me considering my DS is starting to potty train (22mo) and still hasn't maxed out any of our OS diapers! To anyone now, I usually recommend trying a few different brands before stocking up. It may add to the cost just a smidge over buying in bulk, but it's better than buying a bunch that won't work for their kid!
Date: 10/22/2013
I ended up switching up my entire diaper stash for my second. I was using one sized cover and snap in insert for my first and loved them. Never a leak and fit great. This little one leaks every single time in them, no matter what I do. I ended up finding that sized diapers work better for her.
Rachael Morgan
Date: 10/22/2013
Soo true. Although the bulk of my diapers I bought on a whim were GroVia, I also brought singles of several other brands and hated them all except the grovia (thank goodness!)
kara brown
Date: 10/22/2013
My boys both wear different brands...the toddler I love best bottoms for and can't get a good fit with other brands I use on my youngest like bumgenius, rumparooz, blueberry, tots bots, and softbums. I don't know why so many brands work on one and not the other, but they have such different builds (they are a year and half apart and the exact same weight). I am hoping the new baby will fit in our wide range of brands :) most of all I want lil joeyz to work out b/c they are so cute lol.
Allison E
Date: 10/23/2013
This is so true, also another thing is a diaper might work for a baby at 6 months but not at a year old. My daughter at 6 months fit blueberry as though the person behind them came out to our house and measured her then put this diaper together with her in mind. Now that shes 19 months old I'm finding their not fitting so well. I also really didn't like my bumgenius in the beginning because of the awkward fit, but now they fit great.
Mary S
Date: 10/23/2013
Truer words were never spoken! I've heard many moms swear by one brand, then I try it and it just does not work for my son. Cloth diapering is a lot of trial and error!
allisa hearn
Date: 10/24/2013
I 100% agree some things that fit my son dont fit my nephew i watch and others that dont work at all for my son fit and work so well on nephew! crazy.
Knequila Moore
Date: 10/24/2013
My kid LOVES GroVia :)
Anna H
Date: 10/25/2013
My kiddos have all been pretty similar in build when they were small, so we've been fortunate enough to use the same diapers for all three of them. But I've still had to play with absorbency from time to time.
Rachel N
Date: 10/25/2013
This is so true, the diapers that have been my favorites have been different for all 3 of my kiddos. They are just shaped differently.
Leela Rao
Date: 10/26/2013
Great post! I'm also thrown when I evaluate diapers based on online review...they are all over the place. I only have one kid but he is a chunky heavy wetter like yours, and in the end we gravitated towards the bumGenius line after doing fitteds and rumparoos when he was a newborn. Luckily I never committed myself to one brand at the beginning and used (and still use) a wide range of brands. That would be my tip to any person starting out...get a lot of different broads, because you never know what will fit best at any given time for your little one.
Date: 10/27/2013
This is so true. I have read so many conflicting accounts about everything from diapers to rash creams to detergents and what one parent loves another will condemn but as with everything, it all depends on finding what works for you and your baby.
Caitlin Gramley
Date: 12/9/2013
Definitely true. I bought a couple different diaper covers and found that econobum fit my little one best. As well as diaper rite pockets.
judith martinez
Date: 12/28/2013
I don't have a lot of experience with this as this is my first baby to wear truly modern cloth diapers. However, it seems like different things work at different stages. She just recently started wetting a lot more and I'm having to adjust.
Date: 1/28/2014
Another thing I've found for our son (who is now 18 months), is that one type or brand may be perfect, so you're tempted to stock up on those, only to find they may not be ideal all the way through. I'm so glad I have a variety of brands, some worked better at a younger age, some are better for winter/summer etc. My favorites for him through most stages has been the grovia aio, however there was a stage between 9 - 12 months where they just didn't fit (he was too chubby for them, until he started running and thinned out) needless to say I was so glad that I hadn't made these my entire stash.

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