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Cloth Diaper Tip: DIY Cloth Wipes Tutorial!

Posted by Cloth Diaper Blog Guest on 3/12/2013 to Cloth Diaper Accessories

When I started using cloth diapers, I had no clue that I could use cloth wipes. I quickly got tired of spending $12 every month on disposable wipes. I thought, "There's got to be a less expensive option." One of my friends told me about cloth wipes. I decided to try my hand at making them, and you can too.

Choose the fabric:

Decide what fabric to use for making your wipes. You can use almost any type of fabric, even old t-shirts or receiving blankets. I chose flannel because it was one of the least expensive options. I waited until flannel was less than $3/yard at Jo-Ann Fabrics, where I purchased two yards. When I went home, I washed and dried the fabric to avoid shrinking.

Decide on the size:

Choose what size you want your wipes to be. I decided I wanted 8 X 8 inch wipes, so I cut 8.5 X 8.5 inch squares.

Sewing the wipes:

Pin the squares of your fabric together with the correct sides facing each other. Straight stitch around the sides using a 1/4 seam allowance and making sure to leave a 2 inch opening on one of the sides {This is very important, if it's not done you sew the wipe completely shut}. Cut the four corners of the wipes. Turn the squares right side out. Smooth the wipe and pin the opening shut. {I ironed my wipes.} Topstitch around the edges using an 1/8 seam allowance.

By sewing these, I was able to make 20 wipes for $6. If I made another 20, I would not have to purchase disposable wipes again.

Interested in cloth wipes but not sure you want to make your own? Diaper Junction carries a great selection of affordable cloth wipes. Check out cloth wipes on Diaper Junction here.

Guest Post Contributed by Sarah



Date: 3/12/2013
I made mine out of receiving blankets. Two layers, right sides out and surge or zig-zag the edges. Not as clean but a lot quicker. :)
Date: 3/12/2013
A friend of mine gave me the idea to have flannel on one side and terry cloth on the other.
Date: 3/12/2013
I made some wipes just like this 2 kids ago. They were nice, but they were too think to clean my roly poly little girl. I ended up just cutting up some t-shirts into square-ish pieces. The fabric doesn't fray, so there was no need to sew.
allie wiley
Date: 3/12/2013
I did this too! My husband ripped our flannel sheet pulling it out of the washing machine so I just used the fabric from that :)
Date: 3/12/2013
I made some wipes last summer from flannel I bought to use for another project (that I couldn't remember by the time summer came along!). I only did a single layer, and did a zig-zag around the edges. They're great, although I have them coming out of my ears, lol! One yard of flannel goes a long, long way! I think I may go back and double them up. :)
Date: 7/19/2013
I love this idea! I wish I had a sewing machine that worked. (I will have to sweet talk my sister)
Date: 9/15/2013
I like the fabrics you used, and the turn and topstitch method makes for such a nice finished result.
Amy Lumley
Date: 9/15/2013
Thanks for the great instructions. I am getting ready to make some cloth wipes for my little one--think I will just zig zag around old receiving blankets and then I bought some flannel that I will make using your instructions! Very nice finished look
Ashley F
Date: 9/15/2013
So awesome and easy to do! I have a mix of name brand and homemade wipes and they are so useful and so much better at cleaning up baby than thin disposable ones!
teresa mccluskey
Date: 9/15/2013
I love this idea! I dont have a sewing machine but I am looking into getting one!
Laura B
Date: 9/16/2013
Great tutorial! I'd really like to use my grandmother's old sewing machine to try this, it seems simple enough. Thanks!
Leela R.
Date: 9/17/2013
I love my cloth wipes and bought most of mine as seconds so they didn't cost too much. If I ad more time and/or was a better sewer I would have made my own, but I did make my own micro fleece stay-dry liners, so that's something!
Date: 9/18/2013
I'm still not sold on the idea of reusable wipes but I do appreciate that you walked through the process of how to make them step-by-step. I will keep this in mind. Thanks!
Date: 9/19/2013
I love how clean they are, too! Well done...
Teri Sanders
Date: 9/24/2013
Neat! I have been thinking about using cloth wipes. I would probably try to make my own as well. I would have to hand sew though, so it would take me a while.
Kristen T
Date: 9/26/2013
Thanks for the tips! I'm expecting my first and am excited to cloth diaper, but haven't really decided about cloth wipes yet. This helps!
Stephanie Olmsted
Date: 9/27/2013
I made some cloth wipes a few weeks ago. I used the flannel from Joann's too. I only did one ply... I think I will add the second layer and do it like these.
Date: 9/27/2013
I registered for my awesome terry wipes, but I've hung onto old receiving blankets, just in case, for exactly this purpose!
Date: 9/27/2013
Wow thanks for this! I have been wanting to make my own cloth wipes but didn't know where to begin! I will be bookmarking.
Carly T
Date: 9/28/2013
I'd love to learn to sew just for simple projects like this (probably wouldn't tackle anything more ambitious). I don't have a sewing machine, so have only stitched by hand when absolutely necessary.
Date: 9/29/2013
I've been wanting to make my own wipes It looks pretty easy I'm sure they're less expensive then buying the premade ones.
Laurie P
Date: 2/9/2014
Making 20 for $6 is pretty awesome! I've been using cloth wipes for a while now and plan on making my own soon. Thanks for sharing!
Casey Tannehill
Date: 6/4/2014
I just bought the ones in your store. I absolutely love them. They were affordable, are durable, and make cding just one step easier.
veronica carufel
Date: 6/12/2014
so glad I found this tutorial!!! I've been wanting to make our own wipes before baby arrives!
Megan W
Date: 10/22/2014
Thank you for the tutorial. My question is for those that made their own two sides wipes, was there ever an issue with the two layers sliding from each other while doing a clean up? I want to make my own but thinking I should just do one layer and zig-zag the edges.
katie m
Date: 4/26/2015
Thanks for the tutorial, you can never have enough wipes.

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