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Cloth Diaper Tip, Cloth Diaper Videos on Youtube!

Posted by Julie on 12/17/2012 to Cloth Diaper How-To
Cloth Diapering is one of those things that many families wish they could see, feel and try with their own eyes before investing.

The trouble is that not everyone has a local cloth diaper resource. That's where Youtube comes in. Did you know that Youtube has a wealth of cloth diaper videos, reviews, tutorials and more?

Cloth Diapers on Youtube

Some great places to go on youtube are various "channels" maintained by bloggers and brands. Here at Diaper Junction we even have our own channel that features folding techniques, diaper reviews and more.

Dirty Diaper Laundry also has a great channel and the largest collection of cloth diaper related videos on the web. Interested in seeing an up close and in depth look at a particular diaper? Then Kim at DDL has probably got a video review for it!

Padded Tush Stats is yet another cloth diapering review blogger who makes video Sneak Peeks of popular new cloth diapers that you may be interested in getting an up close look at. This is a link to her channel.

Sop what are some of our favorite cloth diaper videos?

We'll embed just a few of our favorites below! Enjoy!

Intro to Cloth Diapering

How to fold prefold cloth diapers

How to use a Fuzzi Bunz Elite OS Diaper

What's a Cloth Diaper?

So these are just a few of our favorites. What are yours? Have you turned to Youtube as a Cloth Diaper Resource? Please share!