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Cloth Diaper Safe Rash Creams: Which can you use?

Posted by Julie on 5/1/2011 to Getting Started

Among experienced cloth diapering families it is well known that you must use cloth diaper friendly rash creams and ointments with your cloth diapers.  The problem, is that it's one of the most frequently forgotten or not even considered issues for those new to cloth or considering cloth.

Cloth diapers can seem overwhelming as it is when you're trying to decide on which style to buy, learning all the terminology, and researching how you'll need to care for them.  Most will not even know that Rash Creams and Ointments specifically for cloth diapers exist.  Well they do, and they're super important to have.

It's bound to happen, you're cloth diapering with success and suddenly baby has a rash, you reach for the Desitin and slather it on without thinking.  Next thing you know you're taking your freshly laundered diapers out of the wash and you see this ugly staining.  Staining won't be the worst of the problem, the biggest issue will be that the build up of the ointment or cream on your diapers can come out in the wash, just enough to build up on your other diapers and cause them to repel, even stink.

Luckily, with the popularity of cloth diapering has come the availability of several cloth diaper friendly rash creams.  They're water soluble and in most cases completely natural, much better for your baby and especially your diapers.  You can check out a great selection of  cd friendly creams like CJ's BUTTer and GroVia's Magic Stick at Diaper Junction!

What happens to those diapers you might have ruined?

Unfortunately those ugly stains may never come out completely, but after several washes in hot water they'll lighten up and you won't have to worry about the residue coming out and causing build-up on your other cloth diapers.

In the long run, staining isn't going to affect the function of the diapers, and it's on the inside so no one will see it.  We also recommend saving some of those not so pretty diapers for use when you have no choice but to use heavy ointment.  Just make sure to launder them separately from your other diapers.

So, long story short, you NEED cloth diaper friendly ointment to save your diapers and because it better for baby's bottom.