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Introducing "Ask a Diaper Junkie"

Posted by Valerie on 5/6/2015 to Cloth Diaper How-To

Ask A Diaper JunkieWe are really excited to announce our new blog feature, “Ask a Diaper Junkie.” Each month you will be given the opportunity to submit a question for us to answer on our blog.The question can be absolutely anything related to cloth diapering or Diaper Junction—questions about types of diapers, washing diapers, working here—seriously, ANYTHING!

What to Look for in a Cloth Diaper

Posted by Amanda on 11/11/2013 to Baby Wearing
Cloth diapers have come a long way in recent years which has greatly increased their popularity. There are hundreds of designs to choose from and many different styles too. There are some tips you can keep in mind when you are shopping for cloth diapers to help you in making sure that you choose the right ones for you and your baby.

Diaper Rite One Size AIO Giveaway Round-Up

Posted by Julie on 10/28/2013 to Cloth Diaper Reviews
diaper rite,cloth diaperWe're currently sponsoring several reviews and giveaways of our Diaper Rite OS AIO cloth diaper!

We wanted bloggers to try our Diaper Rite OS AIO, put it to the test on their little one and give us the nitty gritty details on how they liked it.

Cloth Diaper Tip: Dave and Becca's Tips for Rashes, Leaks, Nighttime

Posted by Becca on 9/3/2013 to Cloth Diaper How-To
clothdiapers,tipsI have a hard time narrowing my favorite diaper brands and diapering systems down because, for the most part, I just love them all and I find different occasions when each is my favorite. Dave and I are now on our second child in cloth diapers—a boy this time—and I’m definitely noticing a trend in our favorites from one child to the next. So, I’ve compiled a list of our go-to diapers for different situations.

Second Look: Diaper Rite OS AIO Cloth Diaper and AIO Benefits

Posted by Julie on 8/10/2013 to Cloth Diaper Reviews
cloth diapers,diaper rite,diapersToday we take a closer look at the NEW Diaper Rite One Size All-In-One cloth diaper.

How does it work? What makes it unique? What are the benefits in choosing an all-in-one cloth diaper? Better keep reading to find out!

Affordable Cloth Diapers from Kawaii Baby

Posted by Julie on 7/6/2013 to Cloth Diaper Reviews
kawaiiSo often families can be turned off from cloth diapers when they encounter pocket diapers from $18.95 and up. Suddenly what seemed totally do-able appears out of reach and absolutely not financially feasible.


Second Look: New Cloth Diapers at!

Posted by Julie on 6/8/2013 to Cloth Diaper Reviews
babykicksYep! You heard right, we've got some great new cloth diapers available online at and in store at Diaper Junction in Virginia Beach!

So what are so new that they warrant their very own blog post?

Reasons to Fall in Love with Fitted Cloth Diapers

Posted by Bert on 6/6/2013 to Cloth Diaper How-To
fitteds,cloth diapersI love fitted diapers; absolutely, whole-heartedly LOVE them. This wasn’t always the case for me. You see, I use to fear them; I mean I wouldn’t be caught within five feet of a fitted diaper. I’m not sure why I felt this way. I think it was the fact that there was an extra step in the process that scared me. Plus, I thought that they were sized diapers and wouldn’t be economical because of that. I guess the name fitted sounded too fancy for me and because of that I stayed away.

My Top THREE cute cloth diaper picks available at!

Posted by Julie on 4/24/2013 to Cloth Diaper Reviews
rar cloth diapers, rumparooz, preppyI'm going to share with you my TOP 3 picks for cute cloth diapers available at Diaper Junction.

Are my cute cloth diaper choices the same ones you'd choose if you had to choose your top 5?

Second Look: Swaddlebees Simplex OS AIO Cloth Diaper

Posted by Julie on 4/6/2013 to Cloth Diaper Reviews
Considering the Swaddlebees Simplex one size all--in-one cloth diaper? Then this post will help you better understand why moms are raving about it and how it's different from other diapers.

Read this post for the inside scoop on Swaddlebees Simplex!

Second Look: Rumparooz, Not just cloth diapers!

Posted by Julie Clark on 3/3/2013 to Cloth Diaper Reviews
This week's giveaway features Rumparooz popular one size pocket diapers. But did you know that Rumparooz also produces some other really great cloth diapering products?

Read this post to find out more.

Second Look: Thirsties Duo AIO Cloth Diapers

Posted by Julie Clark on 2/24/2013 to Cloth Diaper Reviews
Find out more about this weeks Featured product, the Thirsties Duo All In One Cloth Diaper!

Features you'll love, how it's different from the Duo Pocket Diaper and more...Read this post for details.

How to Use Freetime Diapers

Posted by Bryana on 1/31/2013 to Cloth Diaper How-To

The Freetime diaper is a revolution in the world of cloth diapers, but some parents that cloth diaper their babies are a little hesitant because they don’t quite understand how to use Freetime diapers. If you are wondering, this article will tell you how to use Freetime diapers so you can see how easy it is.

Second Look Saturday: Duo Diapers, This is why I love them!

Posted by Julie on 1/19/2013 to Cloth Diaper Reviews
Duo Diapers by Thirsties are our featured product this week in our FYSF Giveaway.

Today I am going to share what I personally loved about them and why they were one of my favorites!

Second Look: Fuzzi Bunz Diapers, the diaper that started it all!

Posted by Julie on 1/12/2013 to Cloth Diaper News
This week's FYSF features Fuzzi Bunz Cloth Diapers so we're going to focus on Fuzzi Bunz in this week's Second Look Saturday post.

Heard of Fuzzi Bunz? Want to learn more about them and the company behind them? Then keep reading!
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