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Cloth Diaper Humor: Old School Diapers

Posted by Julie on 1/27/2014 to Cloth vs. Disposables

The New Old School Diapers!

One day we hope that because of our cloth diaper advocacy efforts and new generations of cloth diapered children, that they'll look back at disposables...and refer to THEM as Old School Diapers!

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Date: 1/29/2014
Let's hope so! One day 'sposies will be a thing of the past!
Jennifer Kleinot
Date: 1/31/2014
It would be nice, and the cloth diaper movement is definitely growing, but I think there will always be disposables. Some people won't give them up.
Debra S
Date: 1/31/2014
This would be wonderful! And to do the same with formula. More parents need to try what's best for baby and the planet first. Save disposables and formula for the last option!
Date: 1/31/2014
Would have to improve the standard of living for the average family first, I think. Would be an amazing cultural triumph, though. :)
Jodi Gagliardi
Date: 1/31/2014
I used disposable with my first child and for the first few months with my second. We switched and Im so glad we did. I didnt think I would ever cloth diaper but a friend of mind did it and I saw how easy it was. I think if people really gave it a try there wouldnt be disposables anymore.
Rachel N
Date: 1/31/2014
That would be awesome. In my opinion, disposable diapers should be used the same way as paper plates. For convenience during special circumstances. We use cloth 99% of the time and save the disposables for vacations and when we are sick.
Date: 2/4/2014
We already do in this house!! No need for them.
Date: 2/5/2014
No doubt! My kids won't be subject to disposables, not by me anyways!
Emily Bertram
Date: 2/6/2014
We love our cloth! 3 in cloth at this point.
Date: 2/7/2014
lol, funny
Samantha Yoder
Date: 2/8/2014
I feel like if people don't willingly change to greener/more sustainable practices such as cloth diapering now, the day will come when they won't have a choice. I don't know how many years/decades/generations it will take, but this Earth will eventually be exhausted of the resources necessary to support a throw-away society.
Date: 2/15/2014
What a fun idea! I hope cloth diapering makes a comeback - but for those who can't, I hope there's a more environmentally friendly option. (honest co, 7th generation, etc.)
Date: 2/17/2014
I wouldn't mind disposable diapers so much if they didn't have so many yucky chemicals!
Melissa G
Date: 2/26/2014
I'm ok with this! :)
Date: 5/9/2014
I hope so! Disposables are trash!!
Jamie Cooper
Date: 5/9/2014
i love this its a great thing to work to i hope my kids think the thing ppl think i do now that are different are the normal when they have kid.
Audrey G.
Date: 7/10/2014
They already are "old school" diapers to me!
Theresa Hover
Date: 1/24/2015
I hope that is the case, along with all other earth destroying convenience products

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