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Posted by Stacey on 10/28/2012 to Mom Madness

She's a psychiatric nurse and thinks everyone is crazy.

My mother-in-law and I have a very special relationship that involves colossal amounts of passive aggression (on her end) and patience (on my end). My husband is an only child from rural NY and I come from a huge family of eccentric French-Cajuns from New Orleans. You do the math.

When my husband and I were dating, he mentioned that his mom was a nurse on a psychiatric ward. Public Service Announcement - Whatever you do, DON'T elope with a man whose mother deals with mental illness and substance abuse on a regular basis. Things were fine until we ditched the wedding plan and got hitched on the sly. We agreed to tell our parents in person but he slipped up one night and told his mother on the phone. She then called 411 and got my moms phone number and called her - cue the sobbing and hysteria. According to my MIL, the only kind of hussy that would elope with an only child is one with a personality disorder. This is how things have gone down over the last 10 years:

If I have a glass of wine - must be that substance abuse problem.

If I get irritated with my husband for any reason - bi-polar disorder.

If I do the dishes at her house - I must be in a manic phase.

If I sleep past 7am...DEPRESSED!

If I wash my hands...OCD!

If I express worry about anything - schizophrenia of course!

I used to get so upset because my husband didn't understand how offensive this was! I married her only child and I'm the mother of her only grandchildren. You would think she would have a little more sense and stay on my good side! When she sends me QVC clothes that are 3 sizes too big, I just smile and say thanks. When I tell her that we are cutting sugar out of the kids diets, she sends them $50 worth of candy. When she comes to visit and bakes pies, cookies and fried chicken, I just eat it and smile.

Maybe taking care of all those crazy people has rubbed off on her? Regardless, she is my husband mother and he and our children are all she has. Lucky for her, I'm not crazy and I know how important it is that I'm patient with her. After all, I hold all the cards.

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