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Cloth Diaper 101, How to use a pocket diaper.

Posted by Becca on 2/28/2012 to Cloth Diaper How-To

Pocket diapers, like All In One Diapers, are a complete diapering system in and of themselves. When using them, you don't have to do any fancy folding, or pinning. The'yre simple to put on your baby, and go on just like disposables. The difference between pocket diapers and All In Ones is that pocket diapers need to be stuffed with an absorbent layer of your choosing gets stuffed into the diaper between an outer waterproof layer and an inner stay-dry layer of fabric. Pocket diapers usually come with absorbent inserts, but it is not necessary to stick with the insert that comes with your diaper. You can stuff a pocket diaper with any type of insert that you choose, and even double and triple the absorbency to suit your baby's needs.

Pocket diapers are easy to put on your baby. The following are step by step instructions with photos on how to fasten a pocket diaper to your baby. The brand pictured is a Fuzzi Bunz pocket diaper, but the instructions apply to all types of pocket diapers.


Picture a pocket diaper and one insert laid out and ready to use.

1. Stuff your insert into the pocket of your pocket diaper. Most pocket diapers have the pocket opening in the back of the diaper, but some open in the middle.

2. Make sure to pull the entire insert inside the pocket so that nothing is hanging over the edge of the diaper, and to keep the insert from bunching and/or twisting as it slides in. This is easily done by grabbing the insert at the bottom so that it lays against the inside of your forearm, and moving it into the diaper by sliding your hand all the way into the pocket. Once stuffed, check for bunching and twisting as you pull your hand back out of the diaper.

3. Place the diaper under your baby's bottom with the closure tabs/wings laid flat at either side, and the back of the diaper against the curve of your baby's back. Then, pull the front panel of the diaper up, between your baby's legs, and flat against their belly.

4. Take the wings that are laying flat at either side of your baby's back, and pull them around to fasten at the front of the diaper.

5. There will be different options for snap and Velcro placement to get the best fit for your baby. Fasten it snugly, but not so tightly that the elastics at the back pinch or leave red marks. If your baby is old enough to sit up, it is especially important to leave a little give in the diaper.

6. The first time you use a pocket diaper, or after a growth spurt, you may find it necessary to unfasten and refasten your closure tabs to adjust the diaper to a perfect fit.

That's it! Its quite simple! Hopefully, this demonstration has killed any misconceptions you may have that cloth diapering is difficult and has demonstrated how quick and easy using cloth diapers can be.

Once you know how to use a pocket diaper, you'll find that All in Ones and even fitteds fasten the exact same way! The difference is that All In Ones do not require stuffing and do not have customizable absorbency, and fitted diapers require a cover.

Pocket diapers like Fuzzi Bunz, bumGenius!, and Rump-a-rooz are a modern approach to cloth diapering that is quickly becoming mainstream for a very important reason; they work, they're cute and they are better for the environment than throwaway paper diapers (disposables).

If you have any questions whatsoever, please get in touch with us, we'll be glad to help you find the right cloth diapering system for you and your baby.



Date: 2/28/2012 1:32:45 PM
OK, here are some probably dumb questions: How are these easier or better than prefolds with covers? Can't you just lay a prefold inside a cover and achieve the same idea? Also, can you use prefolds as inserts inside pocket diapers? I am such a newbie... :)
Kristine Voykin
Date: 2/28/2012 1:39:06 PM
I have pocket dipes but I don't stuff them. I have 4 layer bamboo terry inserts that I just lay on top, using the dipe as a shell. It's faster and even my active 1 year old doesn't make the insert shift. I also have a few shells and I do the same, just use the insert laid inside the shell.
Date: 2/28/2012 1:43:53 PM
Sara, they are "easier" because you can have them pre-stuffed and they go on like a disposable instead of having 2 pieces. Yes, you can use prefolds as stuffers in pockets but they can be a little bulkier than the inserts that come with the diapers. Usually one size smaller than your child normally wears is a good size to stuff with. I use a few Gerber prefolds as my "extra" stuffers.
Mary Beth
Date: 2/28/2012 1:44:10 PM
You sure can lay a prefold inside a cover! I use a variety of diapers...prefolds, pockets, etc. Prefolds are definitely cheaper. I registered for a few FuzziBunz when I was pregnant and received them as gifts, so I use them, although if I were purchasing an entirely new stash, I would just purchase prefolds and covers (I especially like BestBottoms covers!! They hold in EVERY poop explosion!) I do love to use pocket diapers for overnight use. I can double stuff and not have to change my
Michelle Steimle
Date: 7/10/2013
I only stuffed mine the first time and realized I would run out of covers faster than inserts if I let him poop in each one.

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