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Cloth Baby Wipes; Cloth Wipe Solutions

Posted by CDB Guest on 8/17/2009 to Cloth Diaper How-To

Although my family quickly jumped on the cloth diaper band wagon, we were unaware of how economical cloth baby wipes were. It had not occurred to us, in our vast research on cloth diapers, to investigate about the use of cloth wipes.

Cloth wipes can be used repeatedly, keeping disposable wipes out of the landfill and keeping money in your wallet. Cloth wipe solutions like bumGenius! Bottom Cleaner can be purchased or even made on your own with low cost (and environmentally friendly) ingredients. We have found the combination of cloth baby wipes and cloth wipe solutions are often more efficient at cleaning baby's bottom than disposable baby wipes. After use, we simply throw them into our cloth diaper pail along with the soiled cloth diapers.

As mentioned before, parents can purchase all natural, organic, bottom cleaners, or for a cumulative cost savings over time, many websites offer cloth wipe solution recipes. All wipe solution "chefs" suggest only making enough solution for one week, throwing out what you do not use each week. "Chefs" also suggest waiting until just before the wipes are to be used before adding the solution. These practices prevent moldy wipes and solution.

Parents should be cautious with some of the recipes containing essential oils. Be sure to use a carrier oil, which helps to dilute the essential oil (thus reducing the probability of an adverse skin reaction). Also, some oils may cause skin reactions for sensitive children.

Here are some sites that offer recipes for wipe solutions:

Do you have any cloth baby wipes suggestions or links to share?