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Chiffon & Haze, GroVia's newest colors, are now in-stock!

Posted by Julie on 5/25/2016 to Cloth Diaper News
Chiffon & Haze, GroVia's newest colors, are now in-stock!

New colors, Chiffon & Haze, from GroVia are now in-stock!

Your GroVia rainbow is about to get a whole lot prettier! Chiffon & Haze are amazing and we know you'll find a spot for them among your other beloved GroVia cloth diapers.

Chiffon, a delicate buttery yellow and Haze, a rich lavender are very stylish and a great addition to the GroVia family of colors and prints.

GroVia is the manufacturer of quality One Size Diapers, Covers, Inserts, Hybrid Diapering Sytems, Wetbags and more! Diaper Junction has been a proud GroVia retailer for years and we're always excited to add new products, colors and prints to our GroVia lineup.

Diaper Junction has stocked Chiffon and Haze in several of your favorite GroVia products. Shop our selection of GroVia here.