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Changes in Taste

Posted by CDB Guest on 10/8/2010 to Cloth Diaper How-To

It is amazing how many things change over time; tastes, personalities, preferences, etc. The same is true about cloth diapers. Not only have diapers changed from basic prefolds to what they are now, but I am talking about how people grow and their personal taste in preference of diapers change with time.

When my daughter was a newborn, I preferred the bumGenius! Fitted diapers in size XS and S, as she got bigger I gravitated toward the bumGenius! One Size diapers. Well, I am pregnant again, and for this baby I have all my daughter's old bumGenius! fitted diapers, but I am dying to try the Rumparooz Little Joeys! Those diapers look amazing, they have an inner gusset (I bet that helps contain newborn poo). They even snap down for the umbilical cord! While I do like the bumGenius! One Size diapers, different days I grab different types of diapers.

My daughter has very sensitive skin and gets diaper rash really easily. When she has a little red spot on her tush my go to diaper is my Kissaluvs Fitted diaper. I use this diaper without a cover so I can see when the diaper is wet and I can change her immediately. For on the go, I like the bumGenius! All in One diapers because then I don't have to stuff the diapers as I am trying to get everyone and everything into the car. I can just grab the All in Ones and shove them in my bag. For the night time I used to prefer our Thirsties diapers with a BabyKicks Hemparoo Joey Bunz hemp insert. I still use the BabyKicks Hemparoo hemp inserts at night, but I try them with different diapers. I like them with the bumGenius! fitted diapers for the night time also. As my daughter got older I find I grab different diapers, especially for the night. I used to grab the GroVia diaper as my last resort, but I am now finding that it works pretty well for her night time wetting. I have several Diaper Rite prefolds that I use with my Bummis Super Bright Diaper Covers and I do like them, they are absorbent, but I find they are more work with an impatient, squiggly baby.

One major change I went through was that I used to prefer the aplix to the snaps because I thought it seemed easier. I use to buy the diapers with the aplix specifically. Now that my daughter is almost a year old, she has learned that she is able to rip off those diapers. I have several FuzziBunz pocket diapers (those diapers have snap closures) that I absolutely LOVE! In the future, I see myself buying diapers that snap as opposed to the ones that have the aplix closures. I find as time goes on, and my daughter gets older, and I become more of a "pro" at cloth diapering, my preferences have changed. I bet they will continue to change too.

Do you find that you change your taste in diapers as you go along?