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Celebrity Moms Choose Happy Heiny's

Posted by Bryana on 3/3/2010 to Cloth Diaper News

Happy Heiny's One Size Diapers have become the "Go-To" reusable cloth diaper option for many celebrity moms. One of the largest manufacturers of modern, reusable cloth diapers, Happy Heiny's is proud to spread the word that cloth diapering is JUST AS EASY as using disposable diapers--and better for baby's health and the environment.

"'Teaching parents today just how easy our reusable cloth diapers are is not an easy feat, but thanks to our rapidly growing pool of celebrity moms this feat is becoming much easier for us,' states Linda Byerline, CEO of Happy Heiny's."

Byerline knows that "many parents will see a celebrity mom with her baby and see this cute diaper along with a comment from the mom stating how much they love their Happy Heiny's and that they are just AS EASY as a disposable and all of a sudden they are online looking up Happy Heiny's, doing their own research and trying out the product on their own."

The celebrities are not paid to endorse Happy Heiny's, but instead receive them at events like Jayneoni Moore's Boom Boom Room Events, where the best of today's baby products are gathered for the celebrities to peruse.

"We've had several opportunities to pay celebrities to endorse our products, but we believe that parents want to know the truth, they want to know a celebrity is really using a product, it is THE diaper in the diaper bag/changing station and not just being paid to say they are." says Byerline.

Locally owned and Operated

Happy Heiny's stands by their initial goal to keep their entire production local, stimulating the local economy and hiring local seamstresses. They also purchase USA made materials to produce their cloth diapers. They are the last remaining, large, reusable cloth diaper manufacturer with their entire production local; they are family-owned and operated.