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Celebrity Constance Marie Chooses Cloth Diapers

Posted by Bryana on 6/30/2010 to Cloth Diaper News

Cloth diaper advocates are excited to see an increase in celebrity Moms vocalizing their choice to cloth diaper their babies. We've written before about the Celebrity Moms Choosing Happy Heiny's. Linda Byerline, the designer and manufacturer of the line of Happy Heiny's cloth diapering products says:

"Teaching parents today just how easy our reusable cloth diapers are is not an easy feat, but thanks to our rapidly growing pool of celebrity moms this feat is becoming much easier for us."

People magazine published an entire list of celebrities who cloth diaper their children back in July of 2007, and in May 2009 we were still seeing Hollywood celebrities using cloth diapers. Now, People Magazine's Moms & Babies celebrity blogger, Constance Marie, talks about why she chose cloth diapers.

Marie steps right up with an argument cloth diaper advocates have vocalized for years, "Can you imagine having to wear a crunchy, bunchy, paper sanitary napkin 24 hours a day for oh, about two years?! Oy! If I had to, I would be so bitchy! Right?"

We couldn't agree more! Thinking she could manage if "if it wasn't a total nightmare", Constance Marie, a favorite on the popular George Lopez Show, understands that "Poop is just part of motherhood."

With all the humor you would expect, and some you might not (but is funny anyway) - "I have a photo of poop on my engagement ring…" - Marie details all the reasons she decided to cloth diaper her baby in Happy Heiny's Pocket Diapers.

You can only imagine how happy that makes Byerline, who says, "…many parents will see a celebrity mom with her baby and see this cute diaper along with a comment from the mom stating how much they love their Happy Heiny’s and that they are just AS EASY as a disposable and all of a sudden they are online looking up Happy Heiny’s, doing their own research and trying out the product on their own."

And that's what we're after - more babies in cloth diapers!