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Carry of the Month: Soft Structured Carriers

Posted by Babywearing International of Hampton Roads on 5/8/2013 to Baby Wearing

We will approach this month's carry a bit differently since it involves a soft structured carrier (SSC).  Today we'll talk about some tips and general SSC information and in the coming weeks we'll address a front carry, back carry, and hip carry with SSCs.  We'll show both infant and toddler demonstrations and we'll also talk about how to nurse in an SSC.

There are dozens (yes, dozens!) of SSC brands.  If you have a newborn or younger infant, be sure to look for an insert for your carrier.  Some carriers such as the Beco Butterfly (no longer made, but still available on many websites and in swap groups) come with the insert.  Ergo and Tula's insert is sold separately, as is the insert for Beco's new Soleil carrier.  The webbing on Boba's 3G carrier can be re-woven to flip up creating a smaller pouch for a tiny baby.  Most carriers will have information about the infant insert.  It's important to read the manual of any baby carrier you purchase.  You may have read that you can roll a receiving blanket or use a small pillow or stuffed animal in place of an infant insert.  This is possible, however only experienced babywearers should try to attempt making their own insert this way.

For toddler wearing, SSCs are great!  You'll want to look for a carrier that supports their bodies the same as a smaller baby, so remember the 'M' shape.  What's the 'M' shape?


Some carrier companies make a toddler (and even preschool!) specific carrier that has a wider seat (think 18" instead of 14") to accommodate longer legs.  Boba's 3G carrier comes with foot stirrups that can be attached to the waist band so that your child's legs are lifted and thus creating a deeper seat that would give the 'M' shape.

Now that we've covered some basics on SSCs, be sure to check out our Carry of the Month series on the BWI of Hampton Roads blog next week for how to use your SSC for your infant/toddler using the front carry.  We'll also talk about nursing in an SSC next week!

Feel free to visit the Babywearing International of Hampton Roads blog for more details on this month's topic!


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