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Carry of the Month: Ring Sling Tummy to Tummy

Posted by Babywearing International of Hampton Roads on 3/13/2013 to Baby Wearing

Ring slings are recommended to beginners so often we thought we would take a month to really focus on these versatile carriers. Ring slings make great beginner carriers but sometimes getting them just right can be really tricky. They are perfect for tummy carries, hip carries, and even a quick back carry!! Another benefit of ring slings is the fact that they are completely adjustable. One ring sling could easily fit multiple caregivers with different body types.

The tummy to tummy carry is perfect for newborns and you can continue to use this carry until you are no longer comfortable with focusing the weight of your baby on the front of your body. Please watch our video tutorial for tips on how to wear and adjust a ring sling. If you need help threading the fabric of your ring sling through the rings, please read our expanded written tutorial.

Ring slings are pretty awesome when you think about the construction. It's meant to be a one shoulder carrier with a locking system using rings and weight and it also uses less fabric than most wraps. The more practice you get, the less time it takes to put it on. You have a few nursing position options, almost unlimited fabric and fabric blend options, and many different shoulder construction styles. There is a sling for everyone!

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