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Carry of the Month: Double Hammock Torso Variation

Posted by Babywearing International of Hampton Roads on 7/10/2013 to Baby Wearing

Please read our disclaimer before trying this carry.

Summer is here and in full swing. This means babywearing gets toasty this time of year. When deciding this month's carry, I was imagining something that would be supportive but a little more freeing so why not a torso variation! A torso carry is great for freeing up arms and airing out the armpits a little. There are quite a few ways to do torso carries but this is by far my favorite since the multiple layers are supportive for my nearly 3-year old.

Make sure your infant has head control and can sit unassisted for this carry. Refer to our Ruck post to help getting baby on your back as well as tucking a very secure and safe seat! You'll want a long wrap for this carry as well so you may want your base size or to size up. I used a size 6 in the video.

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