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Carry of the Month: Double Hammock Rebozo

Posted by Julie on 8/21/2013 to Baby Wearing
Please read our disclaimer before trying this carry. Ensure that your child has adequate head control for this carry. babywearing,carrying tips

I know, I know! We've done a Double Hammock, Double Hammock Torso Variation and now this! I promise, after this we'll be done with the double hammocking for a while! This is just a great carry for those short wraps. Multilayered, readjustable, supportive and easy. The one shoulder is super stylish and this tutorial will show you how to rock that slip knot which will be so helpful when you start to work with other carries like a classic rebozo.

This one has taken me a lot of practice and I'll be sure to share as many details as I can to help you become a master wrapper. I choose a size 4 because I need extra length for the slip knot tying mostly. If I were to do a square knot/double knot, I could potentially use less but the square knot seems somewhat uncomfortable on my chest. Most wrappers can easily use a size 3 otherwise. Don't fret if this carry feels a bit low. Like our torso carry, it's restricted to height because of the passes coming under your arms.

For photos and a complete explanation of this carry please visit Babywearing International here.

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Kim H
Date: 8/23/2013
Love all the wrap tutorials! It's awesome to have some variety & different options for different situations!
Kaitie Donahue
Date: 8/24/2013
Can't wait to try this carry! I really need to get out of my Ruck/BWCC rut.
Shelley C
Date: 10/19/2013
Thanks for the tutorials! My woven is a 6, do you think that would be too long for this carry? I have got to figure out a better way to wear my baby, because with a ruck, or a ruck tied Tibetan, she always stiffens out her legs and pops the seat. :-/
Date: 11/6/2013
I'm new to babywearing, and I don't have anyone to show me the different carries, so videos like this are very helpful. Thanks
Katherine Blankenship
Date: 12/1/2013
Hoping to try something like this sometime soon. Right now all I have used is a baby k'tan, which is great, for my 8 week old. But I know I'll want to branch out into other types of carriers/wraps/slings in the future! :)
Mary S
Date: 12/4/2013
I just don't really like wraps. I do love my homemade ring sling and my Ergo!
nicole griffin
Date: 1/31/2014
Thank you for this. I want a rebozo for all it's wonderful uses, including this now!
jennifer laur
Date: 3/19/2014
i love this! i didn't start using wovens until my son was 2.5 years old. i'm due with baby #2 at the end of june and i can't wait to make use of all the carries i have learned!
Date: 4/19/2014
Thanks for the wrap tutorials. They're very helpful in figuring out what works best for us.
katie m
Date: 4/12/2015
Thanks for the video. I'm new to babywearing and have a wrap but just feel so uneasy to use it but I'll wait till her head and neck control is stronger.
Date: 7/18/2015
Oh, this is great. I love that you guys have this resource her on you blog. :)

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