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California Dreamin'

Posted by CDB Guest on 1/30/2011 to Green Living

My daughter's preschool teacher had one of those looks on her face.

Uh oh. Here it comes, I thought. What did my daughter do at school today?

"You guys must recycle a lot at your house," the teacher said with a half smile.

"Um, yes."

"Yeah, it was pretty funny today. Your daughter scolded the assistant teacher for putting a can in the garbage bin."

"Well, was it aluminum?" I asked. "Don't you guys recycle aluminum?"

"Not at school. We don't have recycling here... But it's great that she knows about recycling."

Yes, it is great. And I can't help but wish more families practiced it.

When I go home to California, I look longingly at the three bins in my father's carport.

The biggest one is for just about anything recyclable. Cardboard, paper, aluminum, tin, glass, plastic bottles numbers 1 through 7, shrink wrap, grocery plastic bags, the plastic wrap you take off new toys, the plastic that comes with the cardboard toy box and plastic toys that display the recycling symbol and the numbers 1 through 7.

Jealous. I am downright jealous.

The second largest bin is for green waste. This is where yard waste goes. I can only dream about such a thing where I live in Virginia. I can't stand the sight of lawn clippings bagged in clear plastic, lined up in a long row for the landfill.

What's next? Bagging dirt?

The smallest bin in my dad's carport is for garbage. It could practically fit in the kitchen corner.

Pretty cool, huh?

In the meantime, please don't be offended if my daughter asks you to recycle that aluminum can. We do what we can.