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Buy Cloth Diapers: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Posted by Becca on 11/22/2010 to Frugal Cloth Diapering

Can you believe that Christmas is almost here? Black Friday ads everywhere announce it proudly and Christmas trees were up in chain stores before the Halloween costumes had even been removed. Soon, the throngs of happy—or maybe just stressed—people will fill the stores and jam-pack the lines with baskets full of gifts for everyone they know. They will buy things they don’t need (and some that they do) and most of them won’t give a second thought to the environment or to their friends’ and families’ wallets. Of course, with the recession, many of us have managed to protect our own wallets by tightening our Christmas belts, doing things such as shortening our gift list, minimizing our spending limits, or even hand making our gifts.

But did you ever think of helping out your budget all year long by switching to cloth? Things like cloth diapers, cloth maxi pads, cloth baby wipes, cloth sandwich bags, real towels, and real napkins can really do a number on your budget—a small number that is. Most of you already know that you can cut your budget significantly by switching to cloth, not to mention the fact that your helping God’s earth. But have you thought of giving green, money saving gifts this year? Have you thought of helping out those you love by giving the gift that literally keeps on giving?

Your coworker just had a new baby. Skip the crowds at Target searching for onesies and disposable diapers and save some gas money by buying a couple cloth diapers online for him to try.

Your sister has a one year old. You could buy a trunk load of disposable baby wipes so that she’ll never have to spend the $6 a week on them again, but why not whip out your sewing machine and piece together some cloth wipes for her using store bought flannel, or even some old cotton T shirts or flannel pajamas that you don’t want any more (which will not only save your sister some money, but you as well!) And if you’re not crafty, you can always go to your favorite cloth diaper store and buy them premade and ready to go!

Your friend’s children are all out of diapers already, but she would love to find ways to save some money. Why not get her some reusable sandwich bags (which you can either make yourself or find on Etsy), some cloth napkins, or some extra towels for her kitchen?

And what about you? You definitely need a Christmas splurge or two. Imagine how soft your baby’s cloth diapers feel against their skin. Some cloth maxi pads will give you that same soft feeling—chemical free—once a month. You’ll find these mama pads made by many of your favorite cloth diaper brands such as Knickernappies and Fuzzi Bunz.

With the economy down and all of us looking to do what we can to take care of our families, I can think of nothing better than giving the gift of saving-money all year long through the use of reusable products. So think about it before you go shopping. Consider the gift of cloth.