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Bummis Diaper Covers

Posted by Bryana on 2/12/2007 to Cloth Diaper Reviews
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Mother designed - Bum Tested

Bummis was started by mothers using cloth diapers on their own babies. At that time, there was a serious lack of good quality, affordable diaper covers on the market. So they set out to fill that niche - designing products that would work on their own babies. Fifteen years later they are still a company owned by mothers! They have grown and changed a lot (as have our babies), but their focus is the same:Bummis believes that good quality, easy to use and affordable diaper covers make it easy to use cloth diapers. They encourage parents to use cloth diapers because of the many benefits to be had in terms of health, cost, and the environment.Bummis Diaper Cover info:Bummis diaper covers are extraordinarily durable products that function super well. All are made from an industrial polyester or nylon fabric that is soft and comfy but easy to wash and dry. Bummis manufactures several different diaper covers. We at Diaper Junction are proud to offer the following Bummis products: