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Bumkins New All-In-One's, PVC Free and Waterproof!

Posted by Cloth Diaper Blog Guest on 11/11/2008 to Cloth Diaper Reviews
Bumkins, one of the most recognized brands in the cloth diaper industry, has just released Version 2 of the popular Bumkins All In Ones. One of the first All In One cloth diapers on the market, Bumkins All In Ones have stood the test of time and use. The Bumkins NEW All-In-Ones' design is truly inspired - representing the best AIO styles and features merged into a single cloth diaper system.Quick fitting and simple-to-use, Bumkins All In One cloth diapers have the most similarity to a disposable diaper, making them ideal for caregivers transitioning to cloth diapers for the first time. Because they are sewn as a single piece (100% cotton inner fabrics and PVC Free Waterproof outer exterior), and secure with 'winged' tabs, there is no need for diaper pins or diaper covers. Super trim by comparison to other cloth diapers, and yet, highly absorbent, Bumkins All In Ones fit nicely under baby's clothes without the added bulk found in other cloth diaper systems.

Bumkins All In Ones Features

  • The outer waterproof shell of the Bumkins All In One cloth baby diaper is FREE of VINYL, PVC, PHTHALATES, BPA and will stay silky-soft without cracking or breaking down. This durable outer material is machine washable and will remain bright for 200 washes!
  • The inner absorbent material boasts six layers of PURE 100% cotton flannelette for maximum absorbnecy.
  • A built in air flow panel keeps the Bumkins All In One thorough clean and quick drying.
  • Gentle internal elastic is sewn at the legs and waist openings for superior leak protection.
  • NEW! Generously sized rounded and overlapping Velcro closures provide a secure, yet adjustable, custom fit. The rounded tabs are more gentle on baby's skin, without any pointy corners to stick into those precious belly and thigh rolls. SELF-CLOSING velcro flap back tabs are designed for snag-free laundering.
  • NEW! The Front panel's velcro strip is shortened to ensure, once again, that baby's skin is ONLY exposed to 100% pure cotton flannel and the silky, waterproof, PVC-FREE outer fabric.
  • NEW! The wider front panel allows for added leak protection along the front and sides of the diaper - giving baby more room to move about.
  • NEW! Leak shield gussets are contoured and reinforced with internally sewn elastic, these gussets provide superior leak protection and a better fit at the thigh.
PLEASE NOTE: Bumkins has also added many of these new features into their Bumkins Diaper Covers.

Bumkins NEW All In One Diaper Testing and FEEDBACK!

The feedback we've already received is exciting. One momma of a one year old baby girl wrote, "Although the version one diaper is a good design and one of the best diapers I use, the second version is actually an improvement and not just a collection of updated and unnecessary 'features'.
The first thing everyone seems to notice are the new and improved rounded closure tabs.
The first thing everyone seems to notice are the new and improved rounded closure tabs. The original Bumkins AIOs had logo covered, square tabs.

"These tabs allow for a more secure fit and can even overlap one another!"
writes another tester.

The wider front panel and new leak shield gussets of the Bumkins NEW All In One better prevent leakage. One mom wrote us…

"The new leak shield gussets on the leg prevent wicking and leaking and also keep the diaper in one place to prevent what I call 'bum creep,' where the diaper is pulled-up by onesies and other articles of clothing."

Least favorite of all the new features was the laundry tab. Whereas the traditional AIO laundry tabs are found on both sides of the diaper, the Bumkins NEW All In One has ONE laundry tab that connects to both closure tabs.

"At first, I was not thrilled with this design, but the more I used it, the more I could see the benefit...the connected tabs make a handle for easy dunking and spraying of a poopy diaper and insure that the entire inside of the diaper is open and easily cleaned."

So far we've only heard one complaint - and with it came an ideal remedy…

"My only complaint with these diapers is their tendency to stain, however, that is to be expected with a cotton interior and can be prevented with the use of a stay dry liner and a laundry pre-treatment."

As one of the 'forefathers' of this industry, Bumkins has longevity, experience, and considerable knowledge of their market. They can easily rule-out the passing fads for what they are, and yet, incorporate ideas and concepts that will improve their product. This is exactly what they've done with the Bumkins NEW All-In-Ones; caregivers talked and Bumkins listened. And boy do they have a lot to show for it.