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Bumkins All In One Cloth Baby Diapers

Posted by Bryana on 2/23/2007 to Cloth Diaper Reviews
Bumkins All In One diapers offers the convenience of a disposable diaper and the comfort of pure cotton flannelette against your baby's tender skin.Use Bumkins as your exclusive diapering system, or decide for just a few to supplement your regular diapering system. These diapers are especially recommended for outings, traveling, or for husband's, grandparents' or babysitter's because they are so easy to use. Bumkins all in one diapers go on in a flash since no separate diaper cover or fastener is needed. We recommend the use of a Bumkins Washable Diaper Liners for older babies, and diaper doublers for heavy wetters, or for additional overnight absorbency

Bumkins Features

  • The outer shell of a Bumkins AIO is made up of a silky, waterproof polyester that stays soft without cracking or breaking down. The poly feels like nylon but lasts much longer. This outer is available in white or in a variety of adorable prints.
  • The inner absorbent material is six layers of thick 100% cotton flannelette for maximum absorbency. The inner panel is designed for thorough cleaning and quick drying.
  • The gentle internal elastic is sewn around the legs and waist for superior leak protection.
  • The generously sized Velcro® closures provide a secure, yet adjustable custom fit. Fold back tabs for snag-free laundering.
Bumkins All In One Diapers can also be used as beach and swimwear for your baby or toddler.