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BumGenius Deluxe All In One Cloth Diaper

Posted by Cloth Diaper Blog Guest on 1/27/2008 to Cloth Diaper Reviews
the bumGenius! DELUXE All In One Cloth DiaperbumGenius! DELUXE All In One Cloth Diapers are the kind of cloth diapers that can woo parents sold out to disposable diapers. In fact, it seems they can do more than that.The bumGenius! All-In-One Cloth Diaper won a distinguished iParenting Media Award. That means that this one-step cloth diapering system was tested by an expert, a parent, a child care center as well as an executive review committee and passed with flying colors. Not just that though…the bumGenius! DELUXE All-In-One Cloth diaper is the first product of its kind (cloth diapers) to be awarded an iParenting Media Award.What does this mean for you? Well, if you aren't interested in cloth diapering, probably not much. If, however, you've been searching for a cloth diapering system that is easy to use, will easily be accepted by day care centers, not difficult for care-takers like grandparents or friends, and goes on no different than a disposable diaper, you really should try out the bumGenius! AIO.Here are some of the outstanding features that makes this such an attractive diaper for parents and for baby.Outstanding features of the bumGenius! AIOThe bumGenius! AIO Cloth Diaper has…
  • tabs that stretch for a perfect fit
  • easy to use hook and loop fasteners so you don't have to finnagle with diaper pins
  • soft internal fabric lining that keeps baby nice and dry
  • super absorbent microfiber core that can absorb up to 12 oz. of fluid (depending on the size of the diaper)
  • natural built-in gussets to contain blow-outs and other messes
  • waterproof outer material to keep wetness inside the diaper where it belongs
  • laundry fastener tabs so your diapers don't get caught on each other in the wash
As with any cloth diapering system you buy, understanding how to wash your bumGenius! DELUXE AIOs is the best way to prevent issues with leaks and/or build-up.The bumGenius! All-In-Ones are available in a variety of soft, fresh colors; white, butternut, pink blossom, twilight, and grasshopper.Because it is a one-step cloth diapering system, you will not need additional diaper covers. However, there are a number of cloth diapering accessories that can make your cloth diapering experience even easier (if you can imagine that). Diaper doublers are good to consider for night-time diapering when extra absorbency may be an issue, or a couple of small to medium Bummis Tote Bags for when you're out and about and need a place to put a soiled diaper until you get home.